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Restaurants with live music + good food? SEA

This week we went to two decent restaurants food wise (St. Cloud in Madrona and Mixtura in Kirkland) that had live music which got me thinking - what other restaurants in Seattle and the surrounding areas have both good food and live music???

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  1. On the pricey end: live classical guitar at Herbfarm, live piano at Waterfront Grill and Canlis. How is the food at St Cloud and what kind of music? Noble Court in Bellevue has live music after 9pm but it's a bit strange to eat Chinese food while listening to country western...

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      Thanks for the info barley. St. Cloud has live Jazz ensembles play but only Thursday thru Saturday I think. The food was pretty darn good and the prices were fair for what you got. I wouldnt go there for a special night out, more like hey I don't feel like cooking tonight where should we go at the last minute kind of a meal. I had a fish dish that was in a tangy corriander lime sauce that was very tasty. My wife had a grilled chicken with avocado sauce that was also quite good. My only complaint was the service was slow which was an issue since we had an antsy child with us...

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        I do love St. Clouds. It's mostly jazz, but the schedule is on their site, stclouds.com.

        The service is always exceptional.

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          St Clouds always has solid food and good music plus it is good to support a place who does good work in the community. They have a monthly if not weekly event where they anybody can come in to their kitchen and help cook for the tent city.

      2. In Shoreline on 99 there's this fantastic sandwich shop that offers live blues for a $5 cover on Saturdays. It's called "Grinders" and every sandwich I've tried is excellent.

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          Can't say I've experienced the music, but Grinders has fantastic Italian subs! My favorite is the combination Italian sausage and homemade meatball, piping hot and smothered in marinara sauce and lotsa mozza. Bellissimo!

        2. BTW - How good is the food at Dimitrou's Jazz Alley?

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            Pretty horrible. Your basic catering stuff.

          2. Matt's in the Market used to have small combos on Wednesday nights that were always a treat. I hope they keep that tradition alive in the new space when they reopen.

            1. Swingside cafe on Fremont often has music, maybe on weekend nights, maybe other???
              Asteroid has music, again, I am unsure of the nights - probly weekends.

              1. I pass by Olive You on Greenwood and see musicians playing there frequently. Never been, though...

                1. You might want to try the Triple Door, it's beneath Wild Ginger and across the street from Benaroya Hall. It's a theatre that has injected dining seating into it's auditorium. Seating begins 2 hours before the show which lets you get a kick start on dinner. The food for us has been a hit everytime, but I have heard conflicting reviews. I especially like the duck, chocolate chip souffle, and the seven flavour beef dishes. The last time we were there, this old swamp rock dude played his guts out, really impressive. The stage rocks, acoustics are usually good. Be prepared to drop some deniro though, sometimes the cover charge can get pricey but in my opinion totally worth it. Check out their website to see who is playing: www.tripledoor.com

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                    Completely agree with iheartTac. Triple Door is a fantastic venue with very good food (same kitchen as Wild Ginger). You can often get deeply discount tickets a the Ticket Ticket counter same day of show. Their tiered seating means there isn't a bad seat in the house and unlike Jazz Alley, people don't have to look through you trying to eat pasta...

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                      Triple door is one of the best venues in Seattle. Great sound, great stage, great seats, decent drinks. Both the food and the artists are erratic, passable to quite good.

                    2. Live Jazz and soul food at The Wellington (weekends). The Pink Door (lounge area) has some great entertainment. Live DJ's and decent food at W Bar on Wednesdays. Tula's, nightly, of course. Faire Cafe, is doing great live music (but not on a regular basis, and it beer/wine and snacks mostly). Trash gay dive, Martins off Madison, is doing the piano bar thing with dinner service. Kell's does Irish music on a regular basis.

                      1. Le Pichet has great food and often has musicians on the weekends.

                        1. The Century Ballroom (upstairs at 10th and Pine) has a cafe. I haven't eaten dinner there in over a year, since I usually end up too busy to go out to dinner before dancing, but it was always interesting/good food when I did eat there. Hmm, their sample menu online looks really tasty; maybe I'll eat there again soon.

                          You can eat in the small cafe just outside the ballroom or can reserve a table in the ballroom and watch the dancers, if it's late enough. Check their website at www.centuryballroom.com to see what nights they have live music, as opposed to dj music. As a swing dancer, I can confirm that the Century has some fantastic live music and dancing.

                          On another note, I used to go to the Pampas Room (downstairs from El Gaucho's in Belltown) for snacking and dancing on the occasional Saturdays. Floyd Standifer, a Seattle jazz legend, used to play there with his band. Unfortunately, Floyd passed away recently and is greatly missed. If the Pampas Room continues the tradition of great live jazz on Saturday nights, I recommend it - they have a nice cheese/fruit/nut plate that made a perfect late night snack.

                          Finally, the New Orleans Restaurant in Pioneer Square on 1st might be a good choice if you like Cajun food and jazz. They're one of the few places I've found where you can get vegetarian red beans and rice, which I've really enjoyed. Ham Carson plays swing music there Thursday nights, and you can often watch folks dancing to his excellent band. Their website shows both their menu and their music schedule http://www.neworleanscreolerestaurant...

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                            Wow, I have to say, without question, the worse restaurant meal I have ever had was at New Orleans. I was there for lunch and ordered a vegetarian sandwich. What I got was one of the most disgusting things that I have ever tried to eat in my entire life. The sandwich was made of white Wonder bread, what I strongly strongly suspect were Kraft singles, and some pathetic onions, squash and broccoli. The sandwich was served open faced, with the bread, then the veggies, then the square of cheese laid on top. It looked, and tasted, like it was then nuked in a microwave. The bread was a soggy, gloppy mess, the vegetables were partially cooked, watery and completely unseasoned, and the cheese was half melted, with the melted parts taking on a plasticy consistency. I managed to choke down two bites of the sandwich as served, then picked out a few vegetables before giving up entirely. Seriously, without exaggeration, it was the foulest thing I have ever been served.

                            This was over a year ago and the memory of my dismay (I was STARVING) and my disgust, as you can probably tell, is as vivid as ever. I would strongly, strongly recommend NOT eating at New Orleans.

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                              Yikes, that's scary. I admit, I've only ever eaten the red beans and rice every time I've been there. I've mostly gone for Ham Carson's music; maybe it makes the food taste better.

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                                ...I second that. I've eaten there several times and agree the beans and rice are edible as are the catfish, but some of the other dishes are terrible. I really, really want to like this place, but I keep being disappointed. Now I just go drink and listen to jazz which seems to be a good marriage and frankly what most people do.

                            2. Just went to Cafe Campagne tonight to get my Cassoulet fix and a large band was setting up to play. Despite a few espresso's, we didn't have the energy after bean/meat heaven to wait, but it looked very hopeful. I might add, the Can Can right down Pike Place road was a very nice spot for a digestif.

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                                I've heard bad things about the Can Can. And because of them I haven't been. How is the food?

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                                  We didn't eat there so I can't comment but the reviews I've read are mixed.

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                                    So I went there Sunday night for the last segment of their three-day one-year anniversary festivities. We had baked penne, calamari, asparagus, and broccolini. Very homestyle and simple. The broccolini had a lemon dill sauce and the asparagus a cream garlic. The penne was decent, but not that great and quite simple. Their bread was also pretty dull- not that great soft white baguette.

                                    The calamari was awful and we should have sent it back. It was soggy and horrible. It was accompanied by crispy garbanzo beans and mushrooms. I don't remember how it was described on the menu-- but it seemed bitter and just generally inedible. We hardly touched it. When our waitress picked it up she should have asked why we hadn't touched it while our other dishes were empty, but she made no comment.

                                    There were three of us. I was with two very petite friends and the penne was generously portioned---so generous that serving became awkward because the penne would tumble onto the table. But we managed to fill up fine with the pasta, and the vegetable plate-- we had specified half and half. I think it's strange that there is no vegetable combination on the menu. I appreciated that they were flexible with our request.

                                    As for the entertainment, I was disappointed that there was no cancan. In their place there was dance troupe trio. We did enjoy them. It reminded me of cirque d'soleil-- except less exciting, but that was fine because it was a small space and it wasn't expected to be the same caliber. Because it was a Sunday night there were not a lot of people there so I felt pressure to applaud every feat-- slightly obnoxious because I was trying to eat.

                                    We paid a ten dollar cover and for it received comp desserts and wine. Did not like the chocolate bourbon cake or the blueberry pudding-- couldn't taste blueberry or bourbon. However I did really enjoy their strawberry shortcake. Certainly not the best I've had, but it was good. Nicely done.
                                    I would have rather skipped the free dessert and wine and paid no cover. It didn't feel worth it.

                                    Warm and cozy atmosphere. I liked the decor. I liked the mood. The effort was really obvious, but it was cute. The costumes were great. The energy was there. The performance was one that I would see again. I just would skip the food entirely.
                                    I would still like to see some good old cabaret.

                              2. Skip the place in Pioneer Square. If you want good Cajun food, go to Alligator Soul ( http://www.thealligatorsoul.com/ ) in Everett. It's a bit of a hike to get there, but they have some fabulous, authentic Cajun food. Plus, they usually have live music on the weekends and occaissionally during the week.

                                1. Jazz Alley is a great, old-fashioned, small-venued club....showcasing terrific musicians....I wish they would change their menu more often & offer more menu choices. The food, in my experience is 'enjoyable enough'...but I have chosen not to go there lately just because the food has become boring.

                                  1. Georgia's (on 85th) has live music on Fridays (?) and Saturdays. I've never been for the music, but the food is great and I can imagine the music would be...entertaining, if nothing else. Foodwise, the skordalia and the melitzanosalata (both served with warmed pita) are crave-worthy, IMO.