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Feb 2, 2007 09:43 AM

Restaurants with live music + good food? SEA

This week we went to two decent restaurants food wise (St. Cloud in Madrona and Mixtura in Kirkland) that had live music which got me thinking - what other restaurants in Seattle and the surrounding areas have both good food and live music???

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  1. On the pricey end: live classical guitar at Herbfarm, live piano at Waterfront Grill and Canlis. How is the food at St Cloud and what kind of music? Noble Court in Bellevue has live music after 9pm but it's a bit strange to eat Chinese food while listening to country western...

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      Thanks for the info barley. St. Cloud has live Jazz ensembles play but only Thursday thru Saturday I think. The food was pretty darn good and the prices were fair for what you got. I wouldnt go there for a special night out, more like hey I don't feel like cooking tonight where should we go at the last minute kind of a meal. I had a fish dish that was in a tangy corriander lime sauce that was very tasty. My wife had a grilled chicken with avocado sauce that was also quite good. My only complaint was the service was slow which was an issue since we had an antsy child with us...

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        I do love St. Clouds. It's mostly jazz, but the schedule is on their site,

        The service is always exceptional.

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          St Clouds always has solid food and good music plus it is good to support a place who does good work in the community. They have a monthly if not weekly event where they anybody can come in to their kitchen and help cook for the tent city.

      2. In Shoreline on 99 there's this fantastic sandwich shop that offers live blues for a $5 cover on Saturdays. It's called "Grinders" and every sandwich I've tried is excellent.

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          Can't say I've experienced the music, but Grinders has fantastic Italian subs! My favorite is the combination Italian sausage and homemade meatball, piping hot and smothered in marinara sauce and lotsa mozza. Bellissimo!

        2. BTW - How good is the food at Dimitrou's Jazz Alley?

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            Pretty horrible. Your basic catering stuff.

          2. Matt's in the Market used to have small combos on Wednesday nights that were always a treat. I hope they keep that tradition alive in the new space when they reopen.

            1. Swingside cafe on Fremont often has music, maybe on weekend nights, maybe other???
              Asteroid has music, again, I am unsure of the nights - probly weekends.