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Feb 2, 2007 09:37 AM

Osteria Cassoletta??

Some time ago I was watching a Giada DiLaurentiis special on the Food Network where she was travelling through Italy with her mom and husband. The last sequence in the show was of Giada and her family gathering for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants in Rome. Either she didn't mention the name, or I missed it, but there was a quick picture of the restaurant's sign as they approached. I think the sign read "Osteria Cassoletta". It appeared to be outside the city judging by the surroundings. My wife and I will be in Rome later in the year. I am just wondering if I have the name correct, and if I have, have any of you been there and would you describe your experience.


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  1. According to the Food Network's website, the name is Il Casaletto and the phone number is 011-39-06-938-8696. No address was given. Hope this helps you track it down.

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      Thank you samsmom, that will certainly help!!

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        can you tell me if you found this place Il Casaletto that Giada visited , if so is the phone # correct, and do you have any address? Have you found it? I would like to go as well THANKS

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          I've not yet tried the number. I am not going to Rome until late October, but may give them a call sooner just to confirm the address. I will post the info once i find out. When are you going to Rome?