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Feb 2, 2007 09:28 AM

Antico Ristorante Sibilla in Tivoli

My husband, son and I were planning on lunching here before our visit to Hadrian's villa. I read about this restaurant and sounded like a good prospect...nice food and nice view. If you have eaten there, could you let me know how it was and what to expect price-wise. Also, any other suggestions for lunch in Tivoli would be appreciated.


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  1. Was there couple of weeks ago , fabulous . View is to die for , food and service is very good .

    1. We had lunch there two weeks ago and it was great. Lots of wonderful things to choose from. Service was good and the view was fabulous. Let Moma plan your meal, you won't be sorry. Try to order something made on their grill, yum!

      1. We ate there last year and thought the view and food were good, but the prices were outrageous. There was no menu,so we had no inkling what was coming.
        Here's a link to my report.