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Feb 2, 2007 09:23 AM

Brewpubs in St. Louis

What are the best brew pubs in St. Louis? We've been to both Schlafley's (Bottleworks & Taproom) and have liked them both. We live in St. Charles so we also go to Trailhead fairly often. My husband loves microbrews so we're always looking for other choices. We have Allandale's (?) in Kirkwood on our radar screen to try when we can coordinate a night out with friends who also like microbreweries.

Where have others been and what do you suggest (beer & food wise) to try?



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  1. I have been to Square One in Lafayette Square just a couple of times, and only have had a beer there once, but I liked it quite a bit. Good menu, nice selection of beers.

    Allendale is fine but nothing special however. They have modified their menu from the original, so if you read a review of it, those problems seem to have been corrected.

    1. Morgan Street on the Landing is another one. Good beers and they had good food for a while, I haven't liked them much in the last year or so.

      Square One has pretty good food and good beers. Trailhead and Lewis and Clark has great beers but the food is just generic sports bar food, i.e. nothing special.

      Schlafly's Tap Room is a great place to hang out. My favorites are the fish and chips and the sticky toffee pudding. The Bottleworks I like because they serve a lot of locally grown produce and they try to be something different, i.e. more than just bar food. Problem is, the shoot for the moon and miss more often than hit. The bread made from the leftover grains from the brewing is awesome though.

      1. has a brewery locator by state. They still list a couple that have gone under, citygrille and yippie-yi-yo, some that are not yet in production, and some that have no restaurant operation.

        I'd add Augusta to the ones noted above.

        1. Is Allendale brewing their own beer yet? Last I heard O'Fallon was brewing it for them. The place has been empty every time I've driven by, so it's not something I'm terribly interested in.

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            I'm informed they are brewing their own, only relied on others for an initial batch or two.