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Feb 2, 2007 09:07 AM

How Cold Till Heineken Left In The Garage Freezes??

a cold wave about to hit here in Minnesota.

to put it another way, how easy or hard is it for alcohol in a beer to freeze.

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  1. that's a darn good question, I'm anxious to hear the answer., also if you have a twelve pack of soda does it make a difference? Another exploded soda in my car and I'm gonna cry.

    1. Beer/Ale is usually around 5% alcohol. You asked about "how easy/hard for alcohol in a beer to freeze", since beer is only 5% alcohol, you should be worried about the other 95%.

      The water in beer will start to freeze ~30 F, based on my experiences, a bottle of beer will freeze solid at ~15F in a couple of hours, I would be concerned at any temp below ~25.

      Soda is similar, sugar lowers the freezing temp, but by only a few degrees (warmer).

      1. I had a case of Weyerbacher Simcoe IPA on my back porch in Philly this past week. Temp hovered around freezing (mostly below) all week and it did not freeze at all, and certainly not solid. ABV is a bit higher than the average ale or lager so I'm sure that played a part.

        Again, that's Philly cold. Minnesota cold I'm sure is another story......

        1. A few degress below freezing for water is probably a very good estimate. I would measure the temperature in your garage too, because it should be warmer than outside.

          1. I had six pacts of beer and cola on my enclosed porch last winter during a week in which the temps hovered around 10F. Heard some popping noise and looked. They were spraying all over the place! What a mess! If you wait untill the tops of the cans become swollen it may be too late. Get them to some place where they won't make too much of a mess, quickly!.