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Feb 2, 2007 09:01 AM

Mutton and Goat

Does anyone know of any Boston-area restaurants that serve goat or mutton (i.e. sheep meat from sheep older than a year or two)? I can't think of any restaurant around here that serves mutton off the top of my head, but I know that the Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square, Cambridge, serves a small "tapas" dish of goat (which is truly excellent), and the Olive Tree Cafe (near MIT) serves curried goat. I heard recently that India Express on Washington Street in Boston serves goat as well, but haven't gotten there yet to see for myself. I'm curious if anyone recalls goat or mutton on other local menus, whether ethnic or haute. :) Many thanks!

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  1. Namaskar in Somerville serves a goat curry.

    Although I haven't personally tried it, if the quality is at all in keeping with the rest of their menu, you should be very pleased.

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    1. re: finlero

      I have tried it -- not a lot of meat in there, but it tasted really good. Possibly even better than my mom's goat curry.

      I know this wasn't your question, but if you're looking to buy goat meat and cook it at home, Super 88 stocks it regularly and I don't think many other places around here do.

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        Food Land on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge has goat meat too.

    2. I posted a while back about having mutton at Tamarind Bay. No one seemed to believe it was mutton but me and alcachofa. You might call and check.

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          The olny place in the US that I know serves mutton is Keen's in NYC, there was a place in DC 30 years ago but it's not there anymore. I've never seen it in a market, I've called lamb producers and they will sell it but there's no demand.

          There is general global confusion about the term "mutton," I think it is used interchangably with lamb in India (I had an Indian friend who would do this), in the UK it means sheep older than lamb (I think of it this way, like lipoff), and I see below that it is also used to mean goat.

          I haven't tried Tamarind Bay yet, sorry, I remember your post.

          1. re: steinpilz

            I think I remember reading in Frank Bruni's review of Keen's in the New York times that the mutton chop served there is actually lamb. I believe he said they stopped selling mutton some 25 years ago.

            1. re: chef poncho

              Now that you mention it I remember seeing this. I think it's another question of definition, the mutton chops I've had a Keen's were the size of a small veal chop and nearly 2 inches thick (unless my memories are exaggerated), so I'd say it was one really old lamb or a young mutton. (My bias would be that Keen's doesn't want to scare people away so they say it's lamb.)

        2. Goat is at Ali's Roti on Tremont St. and Flames in Brigham Circle and Dorchester (I think Dor. is their other location).

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            Yes, you can get curried goat plates and roti with curried goat at Ali's Rotis on Blue Hill Ave in Dorchester. Tasty stuff.

          2. Ortanqiue in Huron Village has a goat curry.

            1. Izzy's in Cambridge has a stewed goat special one day a week (I think it's on Monday)