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Feb 2, 2007 08:50 AM

Winter Park CO eats?

Anyone swear by any of the places in Winter Park? I have had decent dinners at the Shed, but prefer Hernando's Pizza. We'll be staying up at the resort, so if you know of anything on the mountain, I'd welcome those recommendations, too.

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  1. Smokin' Moe's the BBQ place was reasonable. Some folks swear by Fontenot's New Orleans restuarant but when I went it didn't seem all that great. There's the Chinese place near Smokin' Moe's but I haven't been there in ages. We're up there every weekend and Hernando's Pizaa and The Crooked Creek Saloon (for hot wings) are pretty much staples.

    1. We were just there right after Christmas and have been to WP many times before. As always, the Chinese food at New Kong in Cooper Creek Square was awesome and the staff there is super friendly.

      A new place that we tried is Untamed and that was incredible. The husband and I split a Caesar Salad Asada for starters which features a grilled heart of Romaine and a SW sort of dressing. Very different and very good. For my main course, one of my sons and I each had a filet which was cooked perfectly. I loved that it was only 6 oz and not one of those behemouth sized pieces of meat that you see so often on menus. The husband had the Tuna Tempura which will be on my list next time we're there. The owner and chef of Untamed is the original chef at The Shed. When we asked a local about The Shed, we were warned away. We will most definitely be returning to Untamed.

      Another great find was a little hole in the wall called Mirasol Cantina. It's located in a strip center right just south of Hernando's (which I love btw) and they specialize in tacos, meat tacos, veggie tacos, tofu tacos. Then they have a topping bar with a variety of salsas, fresh veggies, Mexican cheeses. Nothing fancy, but everything is fresh and they have a nice drink selection.

      Our other favorite places are Gasthaus Eichlar and Smokin' Moe's. A friend of mine who was recently there highly recommended Base Camp Bakery. Our last experience with Fontenot's was not a good one and we will not be going back even though they are in new quarters. Yes, I swear by ALL my recs! :) To me there's nothing worse than working up an appetite on the slopes only to be disappointed by mediocre food.

      Mirasol Cantina...

      Have fun!

      1. Thanks for the contributions! We might just have to check out that steakhouse. Your comment about the portion size is excellent info. And you reminded me that we really like Carver's Bakery/Cafe for breakfast. Good coffee, good everything. Sometimes it's a bit of a wait but the food is always excellent.

        1. We took the family (two of us and three kids ages 6, 11, and 16) to Untamed Steakhouse and had a very good meal. The menu is large and diverse (if a bit more humorous than intended; several of the descriptions involved the word "displayed," as in "Ahi tuna displayed on a bed of mashed potatoes"). My DH had the surf & turf and the steak was great, but I thought the bacon-wrapped scallops were a bit overdone. I had a tough time deciding and ended up with the iceberg wedge salad, an onion soup, and a side of the risotto cakes. The salad was great (except for the large chunks of extremely pungent red onion) and the soup was delish; the side was just so-so. The kids loved the soup, too. Everyone was happy and the service was very good. They have an extensive list of beers on tap, which was nice. For dessert we shared the fondue, which was a cup of "Mexican chocolate" (warm chocolate ganache with a touch of cinnamon), served with cut fruits, marshmallows, and pound cake. The cake was stale but tasty and no one was very interested in the marshmallows, but the pineapple, strawberries, and banana chunks were very good (the cantaloupe didn't work so well) and after our big dinner, it was plenty for the five of us.

          Our second dinner out was to Carlos & Maria's, in Cooper Square. Good salsa and friendly service, but nothing to rave about.