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Feb 2, 2007 08:50 AM

Santa Barbara Wineries?

Gonna head up to SB this weekend and wanna pop over to Santa Ynez and environs for a bit of wine tasting.

Any recs? Any avoid-at-all-costs?

(If possible, would like to avoid the Sideways crowd)

I should add, I am bringing some out of town guests, okay, my father-in-law, so any place that has an especially nice looking tasting room or winery grounds would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance

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  1. It's kind of far north, but I love Talley wines. They're in Arroyo Grande.

    1. Sunstone has one of the nicest grounds and tasting rooms.

      Another fun place to taste wine is on Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara. You can by 1/2 glasses and maybe 1/4 of a lot of local wines. (Ken Brown is one of my current favorites for reds, Westerly for whites). Unfortunately most of my favorites don't have tasting rooms so this is a good place to go.

      Rusack may be a fun place to try.

      1. Completely agree regarding Sunstone being one of the nicest. Kalyra & Au Bon Climat are both nearby and make some great wines.

        I would personally avoid Fess Parker at all costs, and to a lesser degree, Firestone.

        1. Must see: Rancho Sisquoc. It's a bit off the beaten path so check their site for an excellent map.

          1. Foley Estates for pinot noir tastings.