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Feb 2, 2007 08:46 AM

Donna DaVine Wine Bar - Atlantic Ave

Finally checked out the new wine bar at 378 Atlantic Avenue -- Donna DaVine. What a great little spot. A very interesting selection of wines by the glass (wine flights are also available). I enjoyed the Powers Cabernet and we were impressed with the light bites as well. We tried the trio of macaroni and cheese, the sirloin sliders with blue cheese butter and homemade pickles and the crostini with olive tapenade and white bean pesto. The sirloin sliders were amazing and went perfectly with the wines.

I would highly recommend a great new addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. I second your recommendation. Try the's my favorite on their menu.

    1. I'm so sad they took the poutine off the menu. I hope they're able to establish a clientele before the big wine bar opens up in the synagogue a couple of doors down. Haven't been yet, but it looks like it's picking up a bit.

      Does anyone know why they weren't able to get a wine store license but were able to get a wine and beer serving license instead - never really understood that.

      1. "...before the big wine bar opens up in the synagogue a couple of doors down."

        please explain!?

          1. I had no idea a wine bar was opening there, but a little further west on Atlantic there is a former synagogue that was an antique furniture store for about 20 years, that is being converted to luxury apartments. From what lambretta76 is saying, there will be a wine bar in the building.