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Donna DaVine Wine Bar - Atlantic Ave

Finally checked out the new wine bar at 378 Atlantic Avenue -- Donna DaVine. What a great little spot. A very interesting selection of wines by the glass (wine flights are also available). I enjoyed the Powers Cabernet and we were impressed with the light bites as well. We tried the trio of macaroni and cheese, the sirloin sliders with blue cheese butter and homemade pickles and the crostini with olive tapenade and white bean pesto. The sirloin sliders were amazing and went perfectly with the wines.

I would highly recommend a great new addition to the neighborhood.


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  1. I second your recommendation. Try the Lambrusco...it's my favorite on their menu.

    1. I'm so sad they took the poutine off the menu. I hope they're able to establish a clientele before the big wine bar opens up in the synagogue a couple of doors down. Haven't been yet, but it looks like it's picking up a bit.

      Does anyone know why they weren't able to get a wine store license but were able to get a wine and beer serving license instead - never really understood that.

      1. "...before the big wine bar opens up in the synagogue a couple of doors down."

        please explain!?

          1. I had no idea a wine bar was opening there, but a little further west on Atlantic there is a former synagogue that was an antique furniture store for about 20 years, that is being converted to luxury apartments. From what lambretta76 is saying, there will be a wine bar in the building.

            1. Opening in April 2007...
              From the NY Sun:
              "The owner of the yet-to-be-named Boerum Hill bar, Caio Dunson, 43, is transforming the interior into a sleek lounge, decorated with silver and black paint, and new stained glass windows. But the building's blond brick exterior — with its Hebrew script and Stars of David carvings from its former life as a synagogue — would remain intact..."


              1. Last I heard from "neighborhood sources" (we're all a little gossipy in this part of Brooklyn) is that it was going to be an upscale wine bar / lounge, and that although there will be apartments above it, the owner of the building will be living there.

                They have spent *a lot* of money on this venture, and it looks like it could be interesting.

                Update: Just found this on WineSpectator.com:

                "Brooklyn was once called the City of Churches because of all the steeples dotting the skyline of New York's most populous borough, but it's also home to plenty of mosques and temples too. One old synagogue is getting a new life as a temple for wine, however. Local businessman Caio Dunson is busy working to transform the old Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Joseph on Atlantic Avenue in the Boerum Hill neighborhood into a wine bar, according to the New York Sun. Dunson is redesigning the interior into a modern lounge, but restoring stained-glass windows and the old 19th-century brick exterior. He told the Sun he saw nothing sacrilegious in opening a wine bar in a temple--in recent years it was being used as an antique store. And local legend says that before the synagogue opened in 1917, German immigrants used the space for a beer hall. However, we only have one word for Dunson if he strictly serves kosher wine: Oy!"


                1. Sorry to dissent, but I really disliked virtually everything about Donna Davine the time my husband and I popped in. I think I posted about it after.....overcharged for wine, incoherent space, overpriced tiny pours in the wrong glassware. A couple of the tapas were decent, thats about the only thing I can say in its favor. I'll take Sample over that place any night.

                  Very intrigued about the new place though in the old synagogue.

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                  1. re: Nehna

                    I agree , I tried the place on Saturday and found the space uncomfortable, and the bar way too small. Why are there only 4 spaces at the bar? People going in alone want to sit at the bar, especially because those wierd bar stools all along the walls make for a very alienating vibe. But the worst was that the place smelled like clorox, and for a wine bar the smell of bleach is the worst possible combination because it completly destroys the experience. Maybe its just my fear and sadness that even Atlantic Avenue is turning into the upper east side.

                    1. re: jason carey

                      oh and the other bizarro thing was there was NO wine in sight! I mean its a wine bar....and yet the wine pours were brought out from the back kitchen. No wine bottles evident behind the 'bar' either.

                  2. There were bottles of wine on the bar when i was there.

                    1. I still haven't been there myself, but it seems like they are gearing up for a spring/summer crowd with the addition of a garden area.