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Feb 2, 2007 08:31 AM

Saturday Thai Lunch in Raleigh

On Saturday I'm coming to Raleigh to visit CarMax and wanted to get recs for a nearby Thai lunch if possible. When I lived near State it was often difficult to find a place open for lunch on the weekend. Coming from the south so Cary is a possibility. Also like Indian, Korean, Vietnamese. Grateful for any suggestions.

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  1. Thai Villa in Cary is quite good.

    1. If you're coming to Carmax, keeping heading towards Durham on US70 a few miles and enter the Briar Creek shopping center on the left. There is a Thai restaurant called Champa. I can't vouch for all of their offerings but I've had their Thai beef salad on two occasions and it was very good both times.

      1. Thai house on Hardimont Rd near wake forest road is good