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Feb 2, 2007 08:23 AM

Where to buy dry scallops in Chinatown?

Looking for somewhere to buy dry scallops in Chinatown close-ish walking distance to the Canal Street subway stop - although recommendations on Grand Street and East Broadway would also be appreciated.

Looking specifically for dry ivory medium/large fresh scallops, not the white-ish ones swimming in some milky preserving liquid or the dried ones in the apothecary jars. Also, not interested in the tiny pencil eraser sized bay or calico scallops as I seem incapable of cooking them in any palatable way.

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  1. i have seen them on both mott and elizabeth in the markets. Also there is a huge grocery store on elizabeth street that probably will have them

    1. unfortunately i cannot answer your question, but i'm intrigued as to what you do with the dry scallops. I

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        The "dry" scallops are easier to sear - the cheaper "wet" scallops have been treated with sodium tripolyphosphate, which makes them absorb water so they are impossible to get a good sear on. If you've ever tried to make seared scallops at home and it didn't work out, that might have been part of the reason. (Unfortunately, for me, the other part of the reason is that my stove burners just don't get hot enough)

      2. you can give the tiny scallops a buffalo treatment. Lightly coat in seasoned flour (flour, salt, powdered chili) and pan fry in a mix of butter, olive oil and tabasco. We serve this with MacN Cheese during football season. Nice mix of bar food/comfort food for when we're glued to the Giants game.

        1. i was in the lobster place on bleecker at cornelia this weekend and they had HUGE dry scallops looked good

          1. not sure if it's the same but you can usually find them at grocery stores in chinatown the large one's that is. It's on the dried food section and some of the places dry them out themselves. On Canal street the Kam Fung grocery store has some dried scallops. I usually use them for soup and congee. You can also add them to some stir fried vegis as extra flavor.

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              The OP is looking for fresh dry scallops and you are talking about the sun dried scallops used in Chinese coking. I was similarly confused.