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Feb 2, 2007 08:21 AM

Brunch/Lunch Spot in Sonoma

I am planning a ladies brunch for about 20 on the Friday before my wedding and need a fun spot to have it at, but somewhere that is also reasonable. Any help would be great! I don't know of anywhere at this point.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. To clarify, do you mean the town of Sonoma or anywhere in Sonoma County?

    1. Preferrably in the town of Sonoma, near the square. Thanks!

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        La Salette is a Portuguese restaurant just off the square which, I think, would make a very festive but elegant spot for a pre-wedding brunch.

      2. talk to the owner of hte Girl & the Fig. She is doing more catering and has some cottages just at the edge of town now as well as the restaurant. Maybe she could propose something
        Ledson Winery in Kindwood I think also does some events don't know anything about quality though. Maybe try some of the wineries for something a little more original?

        1. A similar idea is to call Olive & Vine in Glen Ellen (just north of Sonoma). They're a catering company that has a storefront cafe (and their kitchen) there. The food is so good it's one of my favorite lunch spots. They may offer their cafe as a location or have other locations available.

          Olive & Vine
          14301 Arnold Drive
          Glen Ellen

          1. My current go-to spot in Sonoma for reasonably-priced comfort food is The Black Bear Diner. It's a small chain of family restaurants with a time-warp menu. Chic it ain't - sort of an antidote to Girl and the Fig, but it has its own charm and exudes an aura of competence.

            Yes, you could call the food cliched but sometimes that does you just fine. Chile burgers, prime rib, fish and chips, Cobb salad, chicken-fried steak and other items that are apt to satisfy your hankerin's. Everything I've had there has been very good, and the place seems popular with locals.

            It's two blocks off the main square on West Napa Street.


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              That's the first good report I've heard about Black Bear. I've been avoiding it like the plague because of negative comments. Maybe need to check it out after all.

              I posted on the Chains board so a not to hijack this post

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                We hit the Black Bear Diner in Sonoma over the weekend... it turned out to be a very rich experience. The food? Its one of those places that if you order the wrong thing (basically anything contemporary, healthy or non-Diner) you will probably be very dissappointed, but I had the Fried Chicken and it was certainly good, a couple notches below what I've had in Atlanta... but better than KFC... and the roasted carrots & mashed potatoes were quite fresh & tasty.

                Note... we then went to Panaderia La Mixteca... but it pretty much sucked... they didn't have anything fresh at 7 PM. At least I got some stale Conchas to dip in homemade hot xocolatl the next day.

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                  I think you may have been the person in a thread on the General board who suggested dipping stale conchas in hot chocolate ... I did ... OMG ... just great ... they just sop up that hot chocolate and it is like some sort of instant chocolate bread pudding. If it was you ... thanks.

                  Good to know about the fried chikcen at Black Bear. If you want take-out fried chicken, Sonoma Market has a good fried chicken ... even if it is sitting under heat lamps.