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Feb 2, 2007 08:17 AM

Real Belgium Waffles in DC?

I'm not talking about the rounded fluffy ones that you can find in all places that serves bkfst. (I do love them tho) But like the kind Rachel Ray had on her $40 Day - Belgium. I don't even remember what they are call? Help please.....

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  1. You are in some luck. Last year at the Bluemont Fair in Loudoun County my nose led me to a truck at which some Belgian folks were preparing real Belgian waffles. They were incredible. I know I posted about them so you should be able to find that.

    The people have a web site that I linked to in my earlier post.

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    1. They're called Gauffres. On RR's show, she sampled the Bruxellois and Liegeois versions. The sweet round ones were the Liegeois Gauffres. I just love the smell of fresh Gauffres in Belgium. God, what a wonderful, simple treat.

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        Yay, learned something new today.

      2. Also, Belga Cafe on the Hill does a great Belgian waffle dessert with a fantastic vanilla ice cream. Worth the trip just for dessert, they'll let you sit at the bar.

        1. Now I'm hungry for France toast, and maybe some Germany chocolate cake.

          1. After I saw that Rachel Ray episode I searched around for recipes for real Belgian waffles and this is what I found. I bookmarked it then but never got around to trying any of them.


            No guarantee as to their authenticity but the last two look like what was featured on the show.