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Feb 2, 2007 07:56 AM

Compendium of Dishes: Super Cocina (SD)

I think Josh might be the best person to contribute to this thread. The repoitoire of dishes has been said to hoover somewhere around 100. I am interested to hear what you have sampled.

Chile Relleno
Puerco en Mole Verde
Birria de Chivo
Romeritos de Camerones
Mole Poblano
Puerco Enchilado (Josh's favorite I believe)

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  1. I have had the carnitas. On the one occasion I did have them, they were some of the best I've had outside of Mexico.

    If you're into gelatinous things like pigs feet, try those if they are on the menu because they are very good.

    1. I don't know the names of everything I've had. If I'm there and the person helping me is of limited English skills I get answers that are really vague. Once I was told that the dish was "chicken". When I asked for more detail, "chicken mexican food".

      I'll try though, with some kind of ranking as to how much I liked it:

      Puerco Enchilado ****
      Carnitas **
      Pollo en chipotle ****
      Pollo caribbeano ***
      Chicken gizzards and spinach in green sauce ***
      Chicken in mole verde w/ pumpkin seeds ****
      Chicken in red mole **
      Chiles Rellenos ***
      Fried potato cakes ***
      Huevos rancheros ***
      Huevos salseados ***
      Chilaquiles ****
      Empanadas (chicken and beef) ****
      Enchiladas rojas *****
      Enchiladas verdes ****
      Chicken and spinach (not the same as the gizzards dish) ***
      Beef stewed with corn and red sauce (mild) **
      Chicharrones *

      They don't always have the enchiladas rojas, but if they do I get them. Their enchilada sauce is really great, at least compared to others I've had around town. It's a dark red, rich and spicy with dense chile flavor.

      The Pollo Caribbeano was interesting - kind of a tangy tomato-based chicken stew with sweet flavors. The Pollo en Chipotle is always excellent, and quite spicy.

      There have been times I've sampled things I didn't totally care for. The fish stews, for example, I don't really like because the fish is too overcooked for me. The chicharron, while flavorful, are a bit too gelatinous. It seems a lot of the time there are a few dishes I'll sample that really jump out at me which I get, bypassing others that are less interesting to my palate. For example I've never ordered the caldo de res. I'm sure it's good, but it's a little bland for my taste and they have so many other vibrant options.

      1. This will be very helpful for my visit - I'm thinking about printing it and taking it with me! :-)

        1. Alice, if you are lucky you can ask for recommendations from the owner. At least I believe the middle-aged, light-skinned gentleman with good English is the proprietor. He asked if it was our first visit and was very helpful with offering tastes and suggesting dishes we might like.

          Perhaps the best way to decide is the ice-cream shop method: ask for a taste of everything. You may want to ask about the heat level of the samples if you are chile-averse.

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          1. re: Joseph

            That's good advice Joseph. That's what I tell anyone who's going there. Just try what they have and see what you like. Going with a list is nearly useless since the rotation varies so much. Some things are staples: the enchilado, chile relleno, pollo en mole, carnitas, menudo, and caldo de res. Everything else changes frequently.

            1. re: Josh

              do you know of the ingredients in the pollo caribbeano or the chicken gizzard, spinach dish: intrigues me greatly.

              Is the spinach in the form of a sauce? noticiable dried chiles, spices?

              1. re: kare_raisu

                Pollo caribbeano was a tomato-based sauce. Had onions, and a tangy/sweet flavor to it. Only ever saw it there once, I'm afraid. There's a younger guy who works there, often with a few days' stubble, who speaks very good English. He told me that it was a new dish from one of their cooks.

                The chicken gizzards I've seen a few times now. It's basically gizzards, spinach, onions in a tomatillo-based sauce. The dish is saucy and stew-like. The spinach appears to be whole leaves that were wilted in the sauce. The flavor is predominantly tomatillo, though the spinach adds an earthy element to the mix. It's not usually been spicy at all. I always get it because I love gizzards, and it's got a nice homey flavor to it.

                1. re: Josh

                  I bet $20 it was a Quintana Roo style guisado with carmelized onions in a tomato, achiote & sour orange based sauce.

          2. Seeing the Northgate post reminded me of my most recent visit to SC. They had three new dishes I'd never tried before. Chicken in a white wine and cilantro sauce (cream based), nopalitos and pork stew, and a Oaxacan egg dish of scrambled eggs in a rich tomato sauce. It was hard to choose, but I went with the eggs. They thoughtfully put some of the white wine/cilantro cream sauce on the rice though.

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            1. re: Josh

              How was this Chicken dish? Thoughts? Any clue on the name? Or just "Pollo?"

              I saw actual hard boilded eggs in a verde sauce this past time. I like the fried egg salsedos better.

              1. re: kare_raisu

                The chicken dish was very good, if a little rich. The sauce tasted great.

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  The Chicken dish sounds like something out of Queretaro... traditionally made from a white brandy that is made there.