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Feb 2, 2007 07:51 AM

Cheap BYO Asian?

Hi folks,

Hope you all have some ideas? I've done some searches for BYO, BYOB, etc, but have come up with mostly higher-end places with corkage fees, plus some of the usual suspects. I know that Madam Mam's and Thai Kitchen(?) over by UT fit the bill ok, but I'm wondering more about cheapo (hopefully good), hole-in-the-wall places I haven't tried yet Sort of along the lines of what I'm assuming Asia Cafe is like, though i've not been yet. Any chance that's BYO? What about ideas for inexpensive Vietnamese or Chinese places, maybe in that North Lamar/Burnet area (though I'm willing to travel pretty much wherever) that would be ok with us bringing in a six-pack or two? Thanks for the help.

Fatty Fryer

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  1. din ho let's you byob, wine (and i guess liquor) only since they sell beer. i doubt anyone at asia cafe would object if you byob there.

      1. Maru on Burnet is BYOB, cheap, family run, and very tasty. The bento boxes are very reasonable for a lunch special that runs all week and on Saturday.