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Casa Mono tonight- any recs from recent meals?

Hitting Casa Mono tonight for the first time in a while- anybody eat there in the last few weeks and have something blow their mind?

Jon's review in mid-November highlighted the fideos with clams, the chipirones, and the pork cheek with quince.

Any other current specials/seasonal items to look out for?

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  1. The pumpkin/goat cheese croquettes are out of this world.

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      I love the bacalao (sp?) fritters with the orange aioli. Was there a couple of weeks ago and remember a delicious pigs' feet dish. We always order the sweet breads, the fried sardines, the fideos, the pigs' cheek. Oxtail is also always good.

    2. I was there with my girlfriend about 3 weeks ago.
      Razer clams - amazing.
      Lamb Ribs
      i second the pumpkin/goat cheese croquettes - delicious
      and the pan con tomate - simple and perfect.

      1. Loved the razor clams, brussels sprouts, and creme brulee with battered and fried sage leaves - mostly for the fried sage leaves. Was not such a fan of the pumpkin croquettes - found it a bit dry and heavy, more like donuts than croquettes.

        There was a tall frisee salad that looked good, too.

        1. you definitely cant go wrong with the brussel sprouts. I had the frisee salad and it was delicious. Simple, clean and refreshing. Razor clams.....all i can say is yum!
          Interesting that noone has mentioned the meat dishes (except the lamb ribs). As much as i love the food and ambiance of casa mono, i do find a lot their dishes very heavy (lots of oil). Thoughts?

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            I agree. They're definitely not shy with the oil. It was a nice experience, though, especially sitting at the bar and being able to see the chefs work. It's not often you get to witness the cooking so close.

          2. DEFINITELY not shy with the oil. Yumy is right though, it is an overall great experience. And love sitting at the kitchen bar.

            1. Nice Spanish wines too! We had a great time, hope you enjoy it.

              Definitely recommend the razor clams and the octopus.

              1. brussel sprouts. frisee salad , cheese plate, sliced meats. Loved loved the venison..
                very very oily food though. i have sat at the bar and they literally douse the duck (which is oily enough) with a huge squirt of oil.. turned me off.. but it is good

                1. I just ate there on Tuesday night, sat at the bar and had a great time talking with our server/bartender. I was with a non-pork-eating friend (horrors!), but we made a fabulous meal out of the bacalo fritters (the aioli is the nicest part of that dish, very subtly orange-flavored), the brussel sprouts, the layered beet and Valderon salad, the sepia a la plancha (a squid-like thing with an herby salsa verde), and the patatas bravas (which frankly, is the one dish here i find to be completely miss-able). The dessert, surprisingly, was the finest moment: a warm chocolate cake with milk choclate ice cream, it was a perfect blend of warm, rich and light all at once. Don't forget the sherry, either - we tried one that was so syrupy and sweet it was like a drug (can't remember the name but I know that it dates from 1927). I love Casa Mono every time I go. The staff is so warm, and we even got to gossip about Top Chef. Enjoy.

                  1. sweet breads, brussel sprouts, razor claims, venison

                    1. my must-get everytime i'm there is the salad with duck egg with mojama, it comes with truffled fingerling potatoes. the seasonal vegetable sides are always outstanding.

                      1. the chipirones are tops. would love to hear about your experience afterwards. i sometimes feel alone in my opinion that they have a heavy hand with the salt - and this is coming from someone who LOVES overseasoning my food.

                        1. Report from last night's dinner at Casa Mono- every dish we had was great. Four shared everything.
                          Fideos-nice eggy/chewy noodles, rich chorizo flavor, lovely small clams in the shell
                          Sweetbreads-perfectly cooked with a flavorful coating, juicy inside and nice braised leeks, I think
                          Octopus-small ones, perfectly grilled, simple preparation
                          Pumpkin/goat cheese croquettes-fried almost dark, rich gooey texture inside. To me they could be a little bigger to improve the filling/coating ratio. Came with fried sage, that was a big hit

                          Venison- small but thick medallions, meltingly tender, really nice
                          Oxtails- a VERY rich falling apart braise, large piquillo peppers really went well with it
                          Pig cheeks- nice crispy chunks, salty
                          Monkfish w/langostinos- terrific. The langostinos (plancha) were sugary sweet
                          Brussels sprouts were delicious and very buttery and rich, with a nice caremelized char
                          Dessert was the warm chocolate cake (lovely) and the tangerine sorbet with moscatel sauce and pomegranate seeds.

                          As some people have commented, the food is very salty and rich, but wasn't overwhelming with the assortment of dishes we had, considering we had seafood and meats with each course. Have to watch the ordering to avoid getting ONLY salty/rich dishes.

                          The wine, a red tempranillo/cabernet/merlot blend from Costers del Segre called Vilosell, went extremely well with the food, and was a good deal at $35. We had two bottles.

                          The dinner came out to $130 per couple including tax and tip.

                          From the range of favorites posted above, we could easily have had a totally different meal with similar results. Now if I can just get a reservation...