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Feb 2, 2007 07:34 AM

Great pub food for Movie Date Night

My SO and I have Friday dinner and a movie theme nights, where we'll go see a movie, then go eat at a restuarant that is somehow connected to the movie (i.e. Pan's Labryinth and Spanish food as a very general description). A little juvenile, yes, but at the end of a long week it gives us something fun to look forward to.

Tonight we're going to see the departed and thought it'd be fitting to go to an irish pub afterwards. We realize it's a Friday night, but are hoping to find a place (prefer east side) where we can sit at a table and not be jostled by other patrons. I'm not adverse to places that are loud, so long as it's not overly crowded. Most importantly we're just looking for a place where we can get great food & great beer.

It doesn't need to be close to any theatres, but as I said earlier we'd prefer some place on the east side.


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  1. PJ Clarke's on the mid/upper east side - great burgers
    Onieal's in the LES/little italy area

      1. I live in the murray hill area....big movie theater complex on 30th & second (Kips Bay Theaters).
        Pubs in the area - Failte - across the street - very pubby (not good food)
        Molly's on 3rd avenue-decent
        Waterfront Ale House- great pub food (fish&chips) but not the irish pub feel you are probably looking for but very convenient!
        on 3rd avenue-

        1. Molly's would be my pick. It's on 3rd, b/t 22nd & 23rd. You may have to muscle your way through a crowd at the bar, but once you're seated at a table, all's well. There's a fireplace, a nice touch on a frosty night. If you want a side with your burger, skip the fries in favor of the tasty onion rings.

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          1. re: RGR

            i think i went to Molly's ages ago and liked it...a fireplace sounds good, maybe i'll return there soon...

            to the OP: if you are downtown, Fanelli (Mercer and Prince) would sort of fit w/ your movie selection because Fanelli, though not Irish (obviously) is a very old place...

            that said, The Departed is a wretched movie: go see Babel instead: then you'd have a choice of Japanese, Moroccan, or Mexican food for your dinner!

            1. re: Simon

              I disagree with you about The Departed, I really enjoyed it!

              1. re: haleyjen

                Ditto. The Departed was very good (but violent). It's a mafia type movie, why not Italian? Don't get the Irish Pub thing . . .

          2. I also vote for Molly's. If someone insults you, you won't feel out of place smashing your cranberry juice on their head.