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Feb 2, 2007 07:33 AM

[MSP] Little Szechuan, recommend calling ahead for tonight

So, I was intrigued enough by this series of posts about Little Szechuan being unexpectedly closed last night, that I called over there to find out what the story was and whether they are going to be open tonight. The kind gentleman who answered the phone says that the severe cold weather seems to be causing them some unexpected problems with their facilities that they hope and expect to have resolved in the next hour or so.

He suggests calling back around noon'ish today to find out whether they are going to be able to open tonight. He said he hopes and expects so, but to call ahead to be certain. I will try to remember to call around noon and post what I learn here, but if someone can beat me to it, please do and let us all know.

Here's their phone number: (651) 222-1333


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  1. Alice just called. They're open tonight. Apparently they were having gas problems.

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    1. re: Paz

      I sometimes have the same problem - but I still have to go to work...


    2. one more time:
      vegetarian options at Little Szechuan for tonight. Thinking eggplant with garlic sauce, wanted to make sure it did not have surreptitious meat like a broth. Other recs? Sting beans not filling enough for a whole meal.
      Sort of urgent at this point, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

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        One of our friends ordered the veggie Lo Mein, and although it wasn't on the black menu, it was still good. I can't attest to whether or not there were any hidden animal products in it, though.

      2. I've never asked them about whether things are veggie friendly are not. A veggie friend declined our invitation to go to LS last week because she's found that restaurants that may use fish sauce and other things like that are not extremely honest about whether their dishes are completely animal free.

        If you feel confident, what about getting a few of the appetizers like the cucumbers and bamboo shoots and then do the eggplant and the green beans. That's almost exactly what we got last week and we very happy (we added shrimp and dan dan noodles but split all that between 6 of us). Maybe they can do Ma Po Tofu or a similar dish withou the pork?

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          I agree with you, my thought is that it's ignorance more than anything else. When I was doing my vegetarian thing, I would have to be very specific in an Asian rest because many times they would say a dish was vegetarian because there was no meat in it, but when asked about the sauce itself, whether there was chicken broth or oyster sauce in it, they would say they didn't know but they would ask the chef.

        2. Get the Szechuan tofu and the cold spicy noodles. Both are vegetarian and excellent. I posted in the other thread as well.