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Feb 2, 2007 07:04 AM

Soggy Santarpio's

I am a big fan of Santarpio's and sniffed at past criticisms about the soggy pizzas that certain people claim to have received. I have never had anything other than a perfect pizza. After last night, I am sorry to report that the reports of soggy pizza are not unfounded - My pepperoni, mushroom and garlic pie was not the firm bready pizza I have received in the past.

Overall, the taste as always was great - Their sauce makes the pie, but (gasp) I had to use a fork and knife to eat the first third of most of the slices.

I think the main problem was that the dough in the center of the pizza was simply too thin - paper thin - I also did not detect the satisfying crunch of cornmeal in the crust - again, a variation from past experiences. I wonder if this reflects who based on who is in the kitchen. Not sure if ordering it well-done would have helped.

It won't stop me from returning - the pizza still was yummy, if not perfect, the sausage/lamb combo, the little glasses for my American beer and the ambience make it a unqiue Boston experience.

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  1. It definitely reflects who is in the kitchen. I used to hang out in the kitchen there years ago and chat with the guys while waiting for takeout (back when we knew the people there a little better) and after awhile, I could tell simply from who was making the pies what kind of pizza it would be. I'm pretty sure that that hasn't changed. Not sure if Rocco still makes pizzas there anymore (I almost always see him on the floor these days), but he made one heckuva pizza back in the day.

    We went a couple of weeks ago and I got a pepperoni pizza that was as good as any I've had there--not soggy at all. So yes, I'm pretty sure it depends on who is making the pizzas there.

    1. i got take-out there last night and it was delicious as always.

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        I got a pie there once and had to throw it out it was so bad. I don't know who made it (it was take out) but everything was wrong. I'm leary of trying again.

      2. I have cited this problem myself. I reduce the sog issue by sitting at the bar, where pizzas get served faster as they come out of the oven, not ordering more than one ingredient (usually the homemade sausage), and eating it fast. As much as I love the atmosphere and the kebabs, I really don't think it's the best thin crust in town.

        1. I've had soggy pies, but that's the way it goes. I don't get more than one topping and that helps reduce the sogs.

          1. I also experienced some soggy pizza about 2 weeks ago. We even asked the waitress to make sure the pies were cooked "well done" when we ordered. Ill still continue to go back b/c when the pies are cooked properly there's nothing like em...