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Feb 2, 2007 06:18 AM

seargantsville inn, nj

any comments? love the cuttalossa inn in pa but food wasnt great last time. suggestions in area? moderate to high priced ok. looking the area north of new hope. thanks hounds.

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  1. you may get a better response in the mid-atlantic board. sorry to be of no help.

    1. my girl and i ate there before christmas and stayed nearby at the woolverton inn (which is awsome). My filet was just ok. she had the duck, which was really nice. both starters were very good as well (sorry, forget details). wine prices are decent. Selections are standard, but you can find something. Ask for a table next to the fire place. It's got a great atmosphere, although the indoor/outdoor carpeting should be removed for hardwood floors. I like it there. next time we are going to the stockton inn, which is only a few miles from there. We'll see how that goes. Same type of place

      1. See my review here:

        The Sergeantsville (yes, its S-E-R no A) is a really good place, Frequented by locals, but welcoming to everyone. They have a diverse offering - both a pub menu, and a more formal dining room menu, as well as two pages of specials (one for each menu). There is truly something for everyone. The service can be a bit inept at times, but the food makes up for it.

        1. Also, definitely go to Meils restaurant. Funky down-home diner / ecclectic food (who else has roasted sliced beets, homemade applesauce, turkey dinner, funky soups, and creative entrees) and a very very warm and caring staff. Excellent for weekend brunch, a light lunch, or dinner. (BYOB).

          See my review here:

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