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Feb 2, 2007 06:13 AM

downneck places (newark)?

went to tony decanca's years ago, loved it. hounds which places do you recommend, not touristy, with good portuguese food in the newark area. must have a parking lot. thanks!

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  1. mediterranean manor, casa vasca (basque style) no lot though, iberia.

    1. Second Casa Vasca, excellent food Spanish not Portuguese, but very similar, no ?

      1. oh yeah, spanish. Solar Del Minho in Bellevill for awesome Portuguese food. I usually go there about 2 times per month. Steak on a tile, best octopus i ever had too. Very consistent.

        1. any comments on Adegar Grill?

          1. I third Casa Vasca. I've had more excellent meals than I can remember (though a good friend I sent there once got a bad meal)