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Feb 2, 2007 05:26 AM

Help - have to go to Mon Ami Gabi...

On Saturday night we will be going to Mon Ami Gabi. Not our choice but friends want to go there. Haven't been there for awhile but our last experience was that the specials were very expensive and not so great. Are their hangar steaks the best bet? Anything else recommended? The onion soup? I think the wines are fair by the glass. Thanks.

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  1. We go fairly regularly (my husband has their frequent diner card) and I don't think it's that bad. Is there any way you could switch to lunch? Their lunch/brunch menu is 1000 times more interesting. They have a bloody mary bar and I really like the savory seafood crepes. His guilty pleasure is the hangar steak with roquefort sauce. I haven't had the soup and I find their salads kind of boring. You might want to consider getting a number of sides instead of apps. Their gratin dauphinois is good.

    1. I go there fairly regularly with a friend of mine.... Their onion soup is really good, and the fish and frites is terrific, and not at all overly expensive.

      1. We went with friends recently and I really liked it. I thought their house salad was fantastic with one of the best dressings I've had in a long time and the goat cheese crouton was so yummy! Another person got the artichoke with butter and it looked fabulous.

        For steak, we went for the house special which was a strange very thin flat cut of meat with this incredible garlic herb butter and a pile of frites that were incredible. We had profiteroles for dessert - nothing special but they were yummy.

        Truly - I don't think this is one of those places you should dread going to. It's not bad at all. Loud for sure - but the food is good.

        1. There are worst things that could happen to you than to be forced to go to Mon Ami Gabi. They could've forced you to go to Olive Garden, for example. Both are medium-priced chain restaurants that endeavor to replicate "typical" French and Italian restaurants. But while Olive Garden gets most of the details and atmosphere of an Italian trattoria wrong, M.A.G. gets most of the details and atmosphere of a French bistro exactly right. The escargots are among the best I've had anywhere. As DC Gal mentions above, the artichoke appetizer is a beauty. Service is informal, but generally very good. Steak frites is the thing to have, with some sauteed spinach on the side if you don't want all those fries. Or in addition to the fries! Hey, this is not Citronelle, but it's nothing to dread.

          1. I just don't lump Mon Ami into the "I'm being dragged there" category. I can only second the recs above and I think you'll have a good time. Remember, if you go in expecting to have a bad experience, you probably will!