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Sushi Wow?

I want to take my son out tonight for some excellent sushi. I have created a monster, because at age 10, he is a sushi maniac. We have been to many Japanese restaurants in the area, but I want to wow him. I told him I would take him to a new place. Philly and suburbs are OK. Any suggestions?

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  1. i like mikado in cherry hill very very much. on route 70 by the old race track

    1. I'd recommend Pod. At his age, not only will he enjoy the sushi, but the ambiance will be memorable, too. I could see a kid that age going nutso over the sushi conveyor belt and the dessert tier.

      1. Pod sounds right up a 10 year old's alley. Wacky, futuristic decor and conveyor belts with sushi. Like being in a sushi spaceship!

        1. I agree that Pod is a good choice (if timed correctly). It can become a "scene" at times. Also, I don't believe that you can actually watch and communicate with the sushi chef as it is being prepared at Pod (which often adds to the thrill).
          I took my son and nephews to Sagami in Pennsauken, NJ. I found it very kid friendly and all of the waitresses wear traditional garb which they all found interesting. But again for "wow" its Pod.

          1. Depends on what you are asking for, Pod's Sushi is terrible, rice too cold, bland, no visible sushi chefs hardly ever.

            I you want him to be "wowed about the actual sushi", sit at morimoto's sushi bar. if you want him to be wowed by the interior design (which is now dated) go to pod, but Pods sushi is lame.

            1. I've eaten at Pod only once but thought the sushi was very good. Cool, unique decor too.

              1. Ok, Pod: been there, done that. To death. thanks for the idea, but he's so totally into pod we've been there a dozen times. Looking for something else.

                1. There is a hip jazzy joint called "Raw" on Sansom across from El Vez. It's about 1-1/2 year old. Small but interesting decor. Sushi is solid.

                  1. Here's a few to try...

                    Osaka, Chestnut Hill
                    Blue Fin, Plymouth
                    Kimono, Lafayette Hill

                    1. Thanks, Den! I have been considering blue fin. I think I want to stay away from the Starr Restaurant Group (e.g., Morimoto) for tonight. Raw is maybe a bit too adult nightclubby for him.

                      1. So I say to the kid, "Are we still going out for sushi tonight?"
                        POD! POD! POD! He begs. Please mom, can we go to Pod?
                        So much for me and my adventures in sliced fish.
                        Clearly the idea for novelty was all mine.
                        You guys were right all along.
                        I'll be the one with the Starrs in my eyes and my tail between my legs.

                        1. Shinju on Locust (around 9th) is small, but has an interesting selection of chef's specialites in addition to the standard items. There was a spicy scallop dish that was really, really good, with the spicy sauce surprisingly not overpowering the scallops.

                          I also like Kisso (4th & Race). It's been pretty quiet when I've been there, but you get some items that are a bit off the beaten path without being too-too wacky or obnoxious (like some of the crazily amalgamated rolls at Raw), e.g. salmon topped with salmon roe, squid nigiri topped with raw quail egg.

                          1. Another place I was considering is Makiman Sushi over by Five Points in the NE. One day when I was in the neighborhood I stopped in for a menu. I don't know what the atmosphere is like at night, but in the daytime the wood panel walls and vinyl chairs seemed better suited to a sportsbar.
                            Anyone been? Their roll menu is puntastic.

                            1. I agree ( I think we met you last time we were there, Bashful3). I suggest he try the baby herring which really looks like a tiny fish on the rice, and the baby octopus for real 'cool' factor. Thank you.

                              1. You might want to also consider Zento in Center City. Small sushi restaurant with a four seat sushi bar. It will be an interactive experience there for your son.

                                I would also highly recommend Bluefin, as I love eating at the sushi bar there and the chef's do speak with patrons at the bar.

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                                  Definitely give Misso in Center City a try. Each time I go back it's better and better as Bruce continues to add things to his repitoire as he becomes more comfortably in his CC location.

                                  In general, if you go once, Bruce will remember your likes and dislikes. The last time we were there we struck up a conversation with the couple sitting next to us at the sushi bar and they were telling us how impressed they were with the fact that they were there a month ago and he remembered that they didn't like anything spicy.

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                                    I just ate at Misso last night. I was sad when the old place went out..I was pleasantly surprised last night. Great sushi, love the tuna balls!