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Papaya - what is your favourite way to use one

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I have just bought a papaya for the first time. How do I know when it is ready to eat? Also what is your favourite way to use this fruit?

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  1. if it is soft to the feel it is ready--I like to bake it--cut in half-scoup out the seeds add a bit of butter and cinnamin and bake

    1. Press lightly around the stem end. It just should give under pressure, about the same as a ripe pear. I peel and eat it cut into chunks. Topped with some good yogurt and a swirl of honey, it is heavenly. My mother liked it with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange segments. She had a tree from which she would pick her breakfast papaya each morning during the fruiting season. I can't think of a bad way to enjoy it.

      1. When it's fresh and in season, raw is great. It's the only time I'll have it.

        1. When I was in Costa Rica studying, I lived with a family. The mother would buy the large kinds (they are like a foot long). She would just serve them with fresh lime juice (from the lime tree in the back yard) drizzled on top. It's totally delicious when the fruit is ripe.

          It's ripe when the outside is yellowing, and it's softish, but not totally soft. I like the way cheryl_h compared it to a ripe pear. If you see it pre-cut down the center in the grocery store, the fruit should bea deep coral-color. If looks more like the color of a canteloup, it's not ripe enough. If it's too red, it's over-ripe.

          1. Only fresh then halve it like a cantaloupe-scoop out the seeds and drizzle a fair amount of fresh lemon juice on top. Delicious!

            1. frsh lime on ripe papya is so wonderful. wish i could get some papaya!

              1. In Asia it is often used to make a juice blend (almost like a smoothie) with milk. It may sound boring but you will be surprised by how outrageously delicious it is. Somehow the taste of papaya just fits so well with milk compared to other fruits. Try it once and you will get addicted!

                1. Ripe papaya with lime juice is my favorite fruit.
                  It's also a meat tenderizer. The papain enzyme in it is the ingredient in Adolph's meat tenderizer.
                  It's really good for a "funny tummy." Settles mine all the time.
                  And don't throw away the peel. Rub it over your hands. Makes them as smooth as a baby's. Great for a quick facial too.

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                    my parents swearby papaya as a digestive aide and living in South America they acn eateveryday. I am jealous

                  2. I love papaya in salads with dark greens, water chestnuts, almonds and a spicy dressing (either sesame-ginger, a chili-lime or a curry dressing).

                    It's also good with cottage cheese or feta.

                    1. cubed and added to yogurt
                      papaya makes nice thick smoothies
                      if you have an ice cream maker....just delicious!
                      papaya belini's
                      small diced add to steamed rice with green onions & fresh grated ginger

                      1. Use in spicy Thai salad.

                        1. We have a couple papaya trees in our yard. We juice them with oranges for a great smoothie that is very good for you. As stated above, papayas have enzymes that are a wonderful digestive aid. We also enjoy them sliced and sprinkled with lime (key limes from our yard!).

                          We recently had a wonderful green papaya salad made with diced green papaya, Asian pears, and a slightly sweet Vietnamese-style peanut sauce. Mmmmmm!

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                            Where do you live that you have papayas in your yard!?

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                              Florida! They grow like maniacs here.

                          2. We use green papayas to candy in syrup and store in the fridge. Called Dulce Lechosa. It's really, really good.

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                              Wow, that sounds good! How do you make it?

                            2. Either as a meat tenderizer or totally prostituted as a digestive aide with my Gray's hot dogs.

                              1. One of my childhood memories is my Mom serving me vanilla ice cream scooped into half a papaya. So good! She used to tell me stories of growing up in China visiting her relatives' farm where they would save her the biggest papayas from the tree.

                                1. It's lovely with lime juice and served with parma/serrano ham. A dish I often do as a starter is:

                                  Watercress with olive oil and lemon juice as a dressing
                                  buffalo mozzarella, drizzled with a little olive oil
                                  cubes of papaya with lime juice squeezed over it
                                  Parma ham

                                  I generally serve it in a large flat-ish salad bowl - watercress at the bottom, then the mozzarella, then the papaya and the parma ham on the top - a divine combination of textures and flavours.

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                                  1. There are actually different varieties of papayas depending on the country it's from, so a lot of what you'd do with it depends on the varieties.

                                    For example, I grew up in Hawaii and I believe they have the best papayas. Sweet, beautiful pale orange meat. Hmm. It's best to eat those ripe and either with lemon juice squeezed over it or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

                                    Now in other parts of the world, the papayas are a bit bigger than the Hawaiian ones. In some places, the meat is actually pinkish or strawberry like. (They're sometimes called strawberry papayas in Hawaii.) So for those, you know its ripe when it's actually a darker orange-red color.

                                    The large elongated papayas in the South East are popular for green papaya salad when the meat is julienned when it's unripen. Some places also cut them into cubes and make a soup out of it, almost like a wintermelon soup.

                                    Which ones do you have and where did you get them? I miss papayas from Hawaii. We get them in the Bay Area but they cost almost $3 each. Sometimes I'll buy one as a treat. The ingredients supposedly is very healthy for your brain.

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                                      I really much more prefer papayas unripened and made into either a Thai salad or pickled to eat on the side. It's amazing.

                                    2. I like them cut up with a dressing of lime juice and honey and sometimes i throw in some dried cranberries or halved grapes. I also like them with lime juice and salt, cut up with a little ranchero cheese crumbled on top.