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Feb 2, 2007 05:13 AM

Papaya - what is your favourite way to use one

I have just bought a papaya for the first time. How do I know when it is ready to eat? Also what is your favourite way to use this fruit?

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  1. if it is soft to the feel it is ready--I like to bake it--cut in half-scoup out the seeds add a bit of butter and cinnamin and bake

    1. Press lightly around the stem end. It just should give under pressure, about the same as a ripe pear. I peel and eat it cut into chunks. Topped with some good yogurt and a swirl of honey, it is heavenly. My mother liked it with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange segments. She had a tree from which she would pick her breakfast papaya each morning during the fruiting season. I can't think of a bad way to enjoy it.

      1. When it's fresh and in season, raw is great. It's the only time I'll have it.

        1. When I was in Costa Rica studying, I lived with a family. The mother would buy the large kinds (they are like a foot long). She would just serve them with fresh lime juice (from the lime tree in the back yard) drizzled on top. It's totally delicious when the fruit is ripe.

          It's ripe when the outside is yellowing, and it's softish, but not totally soft. I like the way cheryl_h compared it to a ripe pear. If you see it pre-cut down the center in the grocery store, the fruit should bea deep coral-color. If looks more like the color of a canteloup, it's not ripe enough. If it's too red, it's over-ripe.

          1. Only fresh then halve it like a cantaloupe-scoop out the seeds and drizzle a fair amount of fresh lemon juice on top. Delicious!