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Feb 2, 2007 04:59 AM

(West Hartford) Cosmos International

Cosmos International on Farmington Ave (inWest Hartford, just over the border from Hartford) is a wonderful source for a wide variety of Subcontinental and (to a lesser extent) Middle Eastern food items. In the back there's a small selection of prepared foods. I like to pick up a few vegetable samosas from there once a week or so. They have several sources and the ones I've tried vary quite a bit. Prices range from about 75-85c per samosa. Samosa mini-review:

Shaheen's: These are by far my favorite. Large, with good heat and a complex flavor (not just heat+salt like some samosas). These guys crisp up nicely when heated up in the oven. Fairly salty and a bit oily.

Rajbhog: Not bad at all, though the flavor isn't as complex as Shaheen's and the shell isn't as crispy. Slightly lower heat level. I believe these are their biggest sellers.

Kabab King: I was very disappointed in these. They looked promising from the outside - large, nice crispy shell, smelled great. My problem with these samosas was the inclusion of very large chunks of onion and pepper. Even though I fished them out they completely overwhelmed the other flavors. My declaration that "I've never met a samosa I didn't like" had finally been challenged.

Anyone have any favorites from Cosmos? Must try prepared or packaged foods?

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  1. What's the address, I'd like to check it out?

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    1. re: chefstu

      Sorry, I should have included that in my post.
      770 Farmington Ave
      West Hartford
      (860) 232-6600

    2. It's a great place. The dishes they make on premises are wonderful. They normally have about a dozen choices: saag paneer, okra, eggplant, chix tikka masala, goat curry, vindaloos, etc.

      I get piles of it and fill up my freezer.

      Recent thread on this place:

      1. i had some of their spicy cashews.. simply excellent

        1. Cosmos has excellent humus and stuffed grape leaves. The phyllo and honey pastry with the whole pistachios in the center is phenomenal. (I can't remember the name) My daughter is a big fan of the gyros. It is all very very good.

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            Sorry, I'm thinking of Tangiers International. love Cosmos too, but don't have a favorite dish.