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Feb 2, 2007 04:54 AM

30th St Sta, Philadelphia

If our train is late or it's very cold, we may only be able to grab some lunch right in 30th St Station before catching a cab to the King Tut exhibit. I know there is a fairly large food concourse there. What places do you folks recommend? We like all ethnic except Japanese; also plain fare like grilled fish or chicken or steak or baked potatoes; also Philly cheese steak if there is a good one there.

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  1. The food in the 30th St station is pretty bad, lower your standards real far. It's a group of fast food joints Mcd's, Dunk's some sandwich places and cafeteria style hot food with metal spoons. There is one salad place and a little resto. By and large it's not something to look forward to.

    1. Unless you have several hours to spare and can head to Rae, you are unfortunately out of luck!

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        I would imagine one could sit at the bar at Rae and make a funky but relatively quick and unusually delicious meal of the "snacks" and apps.

      2. There is one good place -- the "bar" in the southwest corner of the concourse. Can't remember the name of it, but the clam chili is awesome. Sometimes service is slow, however, and that's a problem if you are trying to catch a train.

        If I don't have time for that, the best of the bad lot is to be selective at the Chinese "salad bar".

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          The bar is Bridgewaters. The chef is actually rather accomplished, but somehow got stuck in a train station. As a result,while he serves typical "hole in the wall" bar food, he also features a lot of very good game dishes.

        2. maybe this is and isn't up your alley... but i would personally go just outside of the station, run halfway into the street and grab some soul food from the trucks just right outside.

          after doing a tour of the food trucks, this was by far the best option in the whole of university city and a pretty good deal considering they cook it up fresh in front of you. i unfrotunately can't remember which one i liked better but it was pretty darn good food from a vehicle. moist tender massive pieces of chicken, fairly passable mac and cheese compared to your popeyes sickly goo variety. and some awesome cornbread.

          1. the bar at the train station serves good food. I think they are now a smoke free establishment. also, I believe there is still an outpost of Delilah's soul food as well. we saw the Tut exhibit last night, and it only took about 45 minutes to get through, using the audio tour. amazing how well preserved those things are after 5000 years.

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              Yeah, I don't know if it's a Delilah's or another vendor, but I really like the soul food place. We get sweet potatoes, fish cakes and collard greens and they rock. A little square of corn bread comes with. It's not organic, cheap or fancy, but it's delicious and huge.

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                There is definitely a Delilah's in there -- I look forward to stopping there whenever I am back in Philly! It's amazing because the whole concourse has crap like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's and then there is Delilah's and you think it's a mirage, but it's not, it's there and it's wonderful.

                AND they were open on Christmas. I was impressed.