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Feb 2, 2007 04:28 AM

Overnite in Coco Beach

Will be in Coco Beach on Saturday nite. We are looking for a good seafood shack type place nearby, or any other good Chowhound type place. Please do not reply after 2/4/07. Thanks

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  1. You might want to take a look at this thread...

    1. And we'll still reply after Feb. 4, because that's how knowledge grows on this board! :-)

      My 2 cents: Avoid Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty at all costs. The best thing they ever served (at their New Jersey locations) was the lobster bisque, and for some odd reason the Cocoa Beach location does not have it!

      1. The Mango Tree is great but really a place to dress up and have a fine dinning experience. If I heard right you said shack? In that case drive over to the port and there are several places where you can get fresh oysters, fried shrimp, wings,cold beer.

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          Went over to the Port as Covert Ops suggested and had an outstanding bucket of steamed oysters at Rustys. Chowhounds delivered again.

          Covert: Thanks


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            Glad it worked out Fred! I enjoy going to the port and slumming it at some of those dives. They really deliver good food! Sunsuze

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              Give the props to sunsuze -- I lived in Brevard for 6 years and never ate at the port. :-P (Though I hear it's getting better? What's the status of that Ron Jon Resort I kept hearing about?)

          2. Sorry. I am just not that into the Ron Jon thing. Back in 1970 Ron Jons was just a little surf shop that we'd buy rafts and flip flops from. Now it's just a tourist trap from hell! I share the disdain of anything touristy along with many of my fellow Floridians. But I do love the theme parks and beaches so I'm not completely jaded!!

            Covert Ops - you never ate at Capt Eds?

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            1. re: sunsuze

              Oh, I hated Ron Jon's too. I could never understand all those billboards on the Bee Line -- yeah, if I need an overpriced swimsuit at 3 a.m., I know where to go! I wish they at least served food. :-P

              Nope, never made it to Capt. Ed's. I lived in Suntree and out near Lake Washington, didn't quite make it up that far.

              I was wondering if the resort had any new interesting restaurants catering to the cruising crowd, or whatever. :-P

            2. If you want to stay near Cocoa Beach, try Boston's Beef and Seafood on A1A in Cape Canaveral, just a few minutes drive south. If you don't mind driving a little way, Corky Bell's is on US 1 a few miles north of the US1/528 junction.

              Boston's is run by New Englanders and is usually packed to the rafters with snowbirds and retirees from up north. The fish/clams/scallops are fried and the lobster rolls (the only place I know of that has them) are a treat.

              Corky Bell's is devoted to Florida style fried seafood.