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Feb 2, 2007 04:05 AM

Good eats etc in East Kent

Hi All,

I'm shortly relocating to the wilds of East Kent and cannot find any references to decent places to eat/ food shop. Is it such a culinary wasteland or can any one enlighten me?


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  1. Ramsgate has a good ice-cream shop on the front - or at least, it always used to!

    1. Maybe not quite east enough, but the farmers market next to the station in Canterbury is a great place for picking up bread, cheeses, olives etc. It has a lovely restaurant there too. Whistable fish market on the harbour has excellent local caught fish, and of course oysters when in season.

      The Sportsman has to be my choice of where to eat in Kent. It's in Seasalter near Whitstable. Book early as it gets full on the weekend. Looks like a grotty pub outside but has some of the best food you will try in the area. The landlord/manager makes sure all of his staff are trained to the highest quality. Though I may be biased as he was an ex of mine, but a lovely one seeing as I'm giving the place such a plug. ;)

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        Food at the Sportsman is fantastic and I have no personal connection! I gues this raises the question, where is 'East Kent'?