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Feb 2, 2007 04:02 AM

Proper Chinese food in Ireland?

I've always been a bit suspicious about "Chinese food" in the UK and Ireland. I always imagined that a billion people could produce something more interesting than various permutations of chicken/pork/beef/duck/prawn with black bean, yellow bean, sweet & sour, etc.

Then I toured China in 2004, and was blown away by some of the food. "Water cooked fish" was my favourite - carp floating in an oily broth with the incredible hot/numbing combination of chilli and LOTS of szechuan pepper.

Since then, I've sulked and occasionally ranted about the dismal quality of the average "Chinese" takeaway in Dublin. And the couple of restaurants I've tried were no better.

Just back from a trip to NYC, and also found "proper" Chinese food at Little Pepper in Flushing. Tasty, exciting, and incredibly cheap. I honestly might move to New York just to eat there a couple of times a week.

So, now I'm sulking again, and reaching out.

Has anyone found "proper" Chinese food in Dublin, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter?

The main criteria by which I judge a Chinese restaurant menu now are:

1. Use of offal/interesting body parts (feet, intestines, ducks served with heads intact so I can eat the brains etc).
2. Fish dishes (no, not prawns), particularly those cooked with white fish.
3. Hotpots, soups/broths, liberal use of szechuan peppers (I realize there are regional differences and I can't expect everything).

It's not like the ingredients are unavailable. I've seen all sorts in that fantastic Asian supermarket near Wicklow St.


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  1. Most of my Chinese friends go to the Millenium on King Street beside the Gaiety. There is a menu in Chinese and during the day they do dim sum. The english menu is probably less adventurous. Most westerners will not eat chicken feet etc so you should just ask. Dim Sum ends at 5pm *(the chef for that cooking goes home) and they are open pretty late for the regular menu. Food was good last two times I was there.

    You should now know about all the places on Parnell st. Good reviews about the Korean Hot Pot there but I hear there is one on Capel street that is nicer.

    China House on Moore street has great dumplings and i order a huge amount each year for a Chinese new year event in my work. Always went down well.

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      Thanks Siobhan, you've inspired me!

      Looks like I need to get cracking on my chinese menu reading skills..


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        My friend ate at the China house on moore st recently and food was excellent but the decor is a bit crummy and they were near the loos. Other than that she said it as the best Chinese meal she had in Dublin. They also do take away and delivery. one friend asked if they deliver to Clontarf and they said yes!

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