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Feb 1, 2007 10:10 PM

Best in Las Vegas - lunch & dinner

I am going to Las Vegas at the top of March with my friends and need lunch and dinner recommendations. Help me Chowhounders!

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  1. i <3 makino. it's off the strip, but it is the best sushi buffet i've ever been to. it's the only time i can really stuff my self silly with sushi without worrying about $$. it's not high quality sushi, but it is leagues above todai. their regular food is really good (including all you can eat green tea ice cream).

    1. go to the southwest board - many vegas posts ...that said ...budget ? car/no car...what cuisine do you prefer ? Makino is a decent sushi all you can eat restaurant.

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        I was wondering where I can find Las Vegas posts. Thanks, kjs. We don't mind splurging a bit on Friday night dinner, say around $75 per person. I would love to know good lunch places, like must-have-burger or after spa healthy lunch. We eat pretty much everything, but one of us is not really ready for raw fish (she doesn't know what she is missing!) But I think good Sushi place always offers something cooked, too.

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          Bradley Ogden at Caesar's is excellent. Very fresh flavors, you can just tell that someone who knows fine dining runs the place. Chef Bradley Ogden moved to Vegas and cooks regularly-most places with a well known chef's name attached cannot say that. The food was so good you wonder what they do to it that no one else does. Stunning presentation as well. A great menu, something for everyone. I even love the guy's cookbook.

          If you're interested in cooked fish(with raw appetizers available), Seablue at MGM is where you want to go. Gorgeous dining room with water walls, and unique, very well done fish preparations. Very fun place, for sure.

          If you think you might like 'modern' Italian food, Fiamma at MGM is wonderful! Everything I tried there I loved, the atmosphere was very hip, my wife who normally doesn't enjoy high end places loved it and talks of going back. Prices were reasonable, I've paid more for food I didn't like as much.

          For burgers at lunch, there are two places I recommend, Mesa Grill at Caesars has excellent burgers, for $13 you get a great burger with fries and a breadbasket that even has corn muffins. Not a lot of the nice restaurants are open for lunch, this is a great way to try some great food for a reasonable price.

          Burger Bar at Mandalay Place(the shops that connect Mandalay with Luxor) is a lot of fun. You can get pretty much anything you can think of on a burger-even lobster! They have different kinds of meat, from regular beef, Angus, to Kobe, lamb, turkey, even salmon. They have the best fries and shakes as well, even a dessert burger made with a donut bun.

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            I second the recommendation for burger bar. Fantastic burgers.

            Another place that I really like for lunch is Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba at the Fashion Show mall. All of their sangria is really good ( especially the peach and black raspberry ) and most of the tapas that I've tried have all been really tasty. Make sure to try the dates wrapped in bacon with apple vinaigrette.

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              how many people are going ? couples ? car ? where are you staying ? i know...alot of questions but it makes a big difference ....i must admit...can't help you with the "spa" lunch...i'm not a spa is a tough one - i tend to go to non-strip places - chinatown is worthwhile - chinese, thai, vietnamese, malaysian ( though, i've yet to try ), indian...all within a couple mile radius...for a burger...i really need to try burger bar...only reason i haven't is o]i was in negotiations with a casino to open a restaurant with the same theme...high end burgers...they stole my idea like 25 degrees did in la ! if no specifics on you want a place to "people watch".... and does the $75 include wine/ makes a big difference to the me !

          2. We have not tried the tapas place at Fashion Show, but we loved Firefly on Paradise. This was our first tapas experience and we loved everything we tried, even the anchovies! Has anyone else tried Firefly?

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              Firefly gets a lot of business especially late-night and especially from people in the "biz". I've eaten there a couple times and I thought the food was really bland. Not just one or two things but everything we got seemed underseasoned each time we were there. I think the atmosphere is good enough and it is a fun place to be late at night but for pure food enjoyment I would pick Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba any day of the week.

            2. Thanks guys. Your recommendations really helps. We're a group of 5-6 people, without a car, probably staying at MGM. Anyone else tried / recommend SEABLUE? Sounds like Burger Bar is a winner - we'll definitely check it out!

              As for the budget, since I am the only one who drink (and my choice of drink is wine - red preferred over while), the budget of $75 per person probably includes one bottle of wine (if not a half bottle for just for me). I love Italian (who doesn't!?), so if there is a must-go Italian I'd love some more recommendations. BTW, my favorite Italian restaurants in LA is MADEO, ANGELINA OSTERIA, GEORGIO BALDI, AGO, IL PASTAIO and PIZICCOTTO.

              Dates wrapped with bacon at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba? - is it similar to the one at AOC? I love their dates.

              Choosing restaurants is the fun part of planning a trip. Thanks hounders! Can't wait to hear more recommendations!

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                Our experience with Seablue was fair food, extremely poor service (we finally walked to the bar and picked up our own drinks since our waiter didn't seem like he was going to do it) and overpriced for what we got.

                If I had to say something nice, they did have good matches.

                1. re: Ashibi

                  i have not been to cafe ba-ba...if it's dates are like AOC's ...i'm there !! I love AOC ! i've yet to find anything in lv that compares to angelini...i speak highly of nora's but it's not quite at AO's level. I noticed you made no mention of Valentino's - i was never impressed by the SM location so i've yet to try the LV post. I'm a fan of SEABLUE but have not been in sometime ( a little over a year ) so i'm worried given some recent posts about the can easily get by on $75...the salad ( which I love ) a seafood tangine and dessert will set you back about $60 so you can probably get a few appetizers to share. Fiamma gets positive reviews - in mgm - personally, have not been. Craftsteak is worth a visit - it's a stretch but you might be able to get it done for $75/ person - i thinks it's great when you have a group of your size because you can share appetizers - i've enjoyed the late night meals at Firefly but you have to be careful on some of the late night items - it would surprise me if they prepare some of the dishes in advance.
                  yesterday, i was driving by mgm and noticed dan marino's place at Hooters...curious if anyone's been there and how it compares to shula's steakhouse ( have you been to shula's near LAX ? )

                  still thinking about your italian preference...nora's and ferraro's are the 2 i can recommend and $75 person....easy ...very easy !

                  hope you'll share the experience with us !

                  1. re: Ashibi

                    I ate at Seablue about a two years ago. I have to say on that visit I was not impressed. We received poor service, seems like thete might have been a fight going on between our waitress and busboy. The busboy would not help her at all. We even called the manager to express our feelings and he really didn't seem to care. Anyways I'll never go back.

                    As far as the food goes I really don't remember much except my husband really enjoyed the oysters and selection.

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                      I've eaten at Seablue a couple of times - both times at the bar, off the full menu. The bartender (Primo) was very attentive, made good recommendations on the menu, offered us a complimentary glass of Cava (which we of course had to have a bottle of!). We really enjoyed our experience there, but it sounds like the rest of the place needs some work!

                  2. I've been to Valentino's on Pico twice but I just don't care for it. As for steak, I usually go to The Palm on SM Blvd., Ruth's Chris on Beverly Dr., Mastro's or CUT (I actually prefer American Kobe-style beef over the real Kobe beef from Japan). I've never been to Shula's.

                    I saw posts about Rosemary's in Southwest Board. Sounds very interesting. I wonder if they can do Prix-Fixe and wine paring just for me, or wine paring has to be for the whole table.

                    Late night meal is tricky. As you mentioned, you can definitely tell when some items were prepared many hours in advance. I am more comfortable with late night dinners in cities like NYC. A late night dinner after theatre at places like Gramercy Tavern is a wonderful thing!