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Feb 1, 2007 09:13 PM

List of good creme brulee places in the city

I am a creme brulee junkie. And I love me some vanilla creme brulee. It seems there are plenty of restaurants that have their variation on this dish, but I've yet to fine a place that serves a really amazing vanilla creme brulee.

There was one cafe in Union Square that I had a really tasty grand mariner creme brulee at, but this was in 2004, and I can't remember what the cafe was called.

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  1. annabelle's?

    hmm...only restaurant lulu comes to mind, although i don't normally order the creme brulee.

    1. I liked the one at Plouf. It has a nice crackly top, creamy inside and an edible cookie spoon that was delicious. $8.

      1. Restaurant Gary Danko has a trio of creme brulees that is quite well-received. It is also one of the largest fine dining desserts I have ever seen.

        1. Fringale has an excellent creme brulee.

          1. david's kitchen on 28th and taraval - there's a guy across the street who orders creme brulee and egg rolls every night they're open. so i figure it must be pretty good right?