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List of good creme brulee places in the city

I am a creme brulee junkie. And I love me some vanilla creme brulee. It seems there are plenty of restaurants that have their variation on this dish, but I've yet to fine a place that serves a really amazing vanilla creme brulee.

There was one cafe in Union Square that I had a really tasty grand mariner creme brulee at, but this was in 2004, and I can't remember what the cafe was called.

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  1. annabelle's?

    hmm...only restaurant lulu comes to mind, although i don't normally order the creme brulee.

    1. I liked the one at Plouf. It has a nice crackly top, creamy inside and an edible cookie spoon that was delicious. $8.

      1. Restaurant Gary Danko has a trio of creme brulees that is quite well-received. It is also one of the largest fine dining desserts I have ever seen.

        1. Fringale has an excellent creme brulee.

          1. david's kitchen on 28th and taraval - there's a guy across the street who orders creme brulee and egg rolls every night they're open. so i figure it must be pretty good right?

            1. Chapeau makes a vanilla bean creme brulee - I tasted DH's and it was really rich and decadent.

              1. Hayes Street Grill has long been known for its Creme Brulee...it's a classic preparation, except that the caramelized "crust" is made with an iron that has been heated on the mesquite grill, giving it a slight mesquite/smoky flavor..

                1. Best I ever had was at Zuni.

                  1. Don't discount this. I feel I'm a responsible poster that gives a good tip or two. I'm putting my whole posting reputation I've tried to build over the years on this reccomendation.

                    The best creme brulee in San Francisco is at Alioto's in Fisherman's Wharf ... yes that's right ... Fisherman's Wharf.

                    It is creme brulee classic ... no flavor of the moment ... just the richest custard and crackliest crust ... probably made exactly the same way since the retaurant opened decades ago ... perfected and unchanged. Paired with a great espresso or cappuchio you have something.

                    I've been back three or four times just for the creme brulee since I first tried it about a year ago. It has never disappointed.

                    Sit at the end of the bar, stare out at the Bay, Alcatraz and the tourist scene passing silently beneath the window. Listen to the chat as actual locals stop by the bar ... regular customers not tourists ... the restaurant is different ... the bar is for the locals. Parking is validated and free for a few hours.

                    1. I had an awesome lavender creme brulee at Citizen Cake, but I dont know if they still have it.