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Chipotles in Adobe

Anyone know where to get some chipotles in adobe sauce? They have them on Freshdirect, but I'm trying to find them on the upper west side for tomorrow night. Any hints would be helpful, even just brands.


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  1. Roland distributes Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce which is made in Mexico. It has a some kind of Hechsher which I can't identify, and I've never seen any other brands with any sort of Hechsher. Try Kalustyan's on Lexington Ave.


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      If the product is made in Mexico it may be the Vaad of Mexico City. They have a symbol that looks like the letters VK on top of two linked Alephs. I followed your link to Roland but could not get a large enough picture of the can to discern the actual symbol.

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        I found a larger picture....


        looks like Vaad of Mexico.

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          You are correct - definitely looks like the Vaad of Mexico City.

    2. I've never seen them with a hechser, though I did once find plain chipotles (not in sauce) in Brach's in Queens.

      1. So happy to see someone found this. I always check the chipotles in adobo in my grocery store, wishing one day to see a kosher symbol. Now, I will have to search for Roland.

        1. I just returned from Kalustyan's and they carry it. I decided to use it in my cholent. If you haven't been to Kalustyan's, check it out. There are a lot of products with Hechsers, and the owner is quite knowledgeable and helpful.

          Shabbat Shalom, Sharon

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          1. A lot of Roland's products are kosher but some are not, I have seen them with different hechshers.

            1. Barzini's (on the UWS across the street from Kosher Marketplace) usually carries chipotles in adobo with a hechsher.

              1. The chipotle peppers are widely available in the mexican food section with hashgacha under the VK. I currently have the San Marcos brand in hand (carried at Whole Foods amongst others) but I also recall having the brand with the mustard yellow label with woman on it as under VK as well (cant rember the brand).

                So how was the cholent?

                1. A little bit goes a long way. They were a lot spicier than I was expecting them to be, but I learned that before adding them to anything. They lent a wonderful smokey spice to both cholent and chicken tacos. But now I have plenty of extra. I used the Roland brand, found in Fairway. I'm definitely going to put it in my cholent from here on in. Thanks to everyone for all your help.

                  1. I buy the VK certified chipotles in Adobo at my local Key Food. While I rarely make cholent, the few times I do, I put 1 chipotle in on Friday afternoon and remove it at night before I go to sleep. The flavor is there, and it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the stew.

                    1. The cholent was terrific. I made it for a Kiddush in Shul that I sponsered. I meant to warn some of the older members that the cholent was pretty spicy, but they started eating it before davening even began. People seemed to enjoy the smoky taste. I never had a chance to taste it since it was finished before I sat down.

                      1. BS"D

                        Also, you can buy dried Chipotles yourself and make adobo sauce. Search the net for a recipe. I don't remember which one I used, but a tomato product with the srachi sauce along with a chipotle pepper would really put zing in anything. I regularly put chipotles into my cholent.

                        1. i realize this is very old - but I am wondering if anyone knows how long the product, stored in a plastic covered container in the fridge, could last? I hope someone answers quick! TIA!

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                            I think if the peppers and sauce look OK, they are OK. No mold, no funky smells... Freezing is a good idea for next time.

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                              Even in the fridge, they can survive a good long time. Like months or even years. Just make sure no mold or smells. We keep ours in a tupperware that we don't open very often. It tastes fine.

                          2. thanks all - i used them and now i have frozen them - used my TBS scoop and made balls - flash froze them and popped them into a baggie - great idea - another great lesson from chow pals!