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Feb 1, 2007 07:06 PM

Lost in Charlotte

I have to pick up someone at the airport Friday at 8:00PM and need to eat first. I love Dish and Lang Van but cannot find them in the dark. Charlotte is so confusiing. Where can I go to dine (as adverse to just stuffing something in) that is nearer the airport? Please help me. I would rather go without dinner than eat junk. Thx

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  1. Gosh, there is NOTHING by the airport. where are you staying?

    1. why is charlotte confusing, it couldn't be the queens road, queens road east and queens road west could it... (just kidding)

      sorry, i asked where you were staying in hopes i can recommend something close to there instead of near the airport, so you can grab something before you go.

      1. Im driving down from the mountains, Newland, to be exact. Will go through Gastonia and into Clt from 321 and then 85. I can sorta find my way around but going to NE charlotte is more than I can handle after dark Deb

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          I am not really a wus and am willing to drive....but finding Shamrock in the dark is hard for these eyes.

        2. The only place near the airport that I can think of is The Ranch House, which may or may not be your cup of tea.

          It's a very good steak place that is stuck in a time warp. Dating from the 1950s, most places like it went out of business in the 1970s.

          It has survived and offers steaks, crispy onion rings, shrimp cocktail...that sort of thing. But the highlight is the homemade blue cheese salad dressing.

          Not a place you would want to go to every day but if you feel like a nostalgia trip and don't want to wander far from the airport, it is worth considering.

          1. The two other posters are right - there is little by the airport. If you have time to take exit 33, Billy Graham Pkwy, 8 miles into town, there are good restaurants in the Southpark area. Barrington's ( is one of my favorites in the city. Toscana, across from Southpark Mall, has terrific risotto. Upstream ( is another restaurant where I am perfectly comfortable to eat alone, whether in one of the booths, or at the bar. Good luck!

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            1. re: QueenCityHound

              You know, I almost went to Upstream as I do love oysters. (see my Virtual tourist comment on the Pearl Oyster Bar in NYC). And boy, do I love risotto. I will check out your recs at my first opportunity. TY