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Feb 1, 2007 07:00 PM

asain market on long island

anyone know of such a place? this is so hard to find

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  1. v&t in Hempstead ,a supermarket ............. there is also a fairly large market on w john st hicksville on the southside of the road west of the post office

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      dittos on V&T, Front and South Franklin

    2. Where are you? Long Island is a pretty big place.

      1. dix hills-western suffolk

        1. V&T in Hempstead is great. HY Market just opened in Plainview (corner of Old Country Road and South Oyster Bay Road). Great market.

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            thanks so much. can't wait to check them out

          2. V&T Supermarket in 12 N Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550-3828. Good selection of live seafood. More Vietnamese grocery items that usual. Okay selection of fresh produce. The food court attached to it does have some of the finest roasted pig I have ever tasted, but get there early as they sell out quick on weekends. Also the bakery sells very delicious half-priced baked buns after 5-6pm, since they can't keep them overnight.

            H-Mart in 400 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY. The size of a big CVS. Very good selection of fresh produce and nicely packaged fruit. Great kimchi selection with samples. Beautifully packaged and trimmed meats. Cheap and very fresh seafood. Stocked with mostly Korean grocery items, not much Chinese stuff. Bigger than usual frozen food section. Usually has samples everyday. Very friendly staff.

            Good Neighbor in Hicksville, NY on W. John St b/t Cantiague Park and Hicksville Post Office. Is a supermarket/warehouse. Has the biggest selection of grocery items out of all the other markets, most of it Chinese. Has some shipped in baked goods and the best rice rolls ever in the walk in refrigerator/ produce section. Okay produce section, smallish. Good vegetarian frozen food selection. Has a small fresh fish and meat section. Has dollar store items and other random stuff. Caveat emptor: check for expiration dates on cans and other grocery items, has been known to sell expired or close to expired items.

            H&Y Supermarket in Plainview which just opened two weeks ago as I mentioned before in

            Patel Brothers on N. Broadway in Hicksville, NY with all the other Indian stores. Has a big selection of spices and assorted flours. Smallish produce section with some pretty cool super bitter melons. Lots of frozen food. Don't recall seeing any fresh seafood or meat.

            I have also heard of a place in Suffolk County, but it's not that big and I don't know where it is.

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              There is an oriental market in Stony Brook called, appropriately enough, the Oriental Grocery. They are located on Route 347 and Stony Brook Road, in the shopping center behind the Burger King. They're certainly not on the same scale as V&T, size-wise, but they have a nice, varied selection and will get you whatever you want if they don't have it. They also sell fresh dim sum on Saturday mornings.