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Feb 1, 2007 06:11 PM

Good inexpensive seafood in Savannah?

Will be in Savannah, Friday night 2/2/07. Any suggestions for dinner?


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  1. Be advised, this is a hole in the wall, but a very charming one. It's out towards Tybee Island, and it is called the Crab Shack. It's on the channel side of Tybee. you can order shrimp, crab, and every other shellfish you can think of. it's a great place to relax and laugh. don't expect a great bottle of wine, or even an import beer... there is a hole in the table with a trash can under for your shells! however, the food is great and if it's warm sit out of the deck, it's extremely cozy.

    1. I use to be a fan of the Crab Shack but when I went there last year I found it very commercial and the food had become mediocre - I was very sad and disappointed - might have been a bad night - if there is music it is a great place to rock and be laid back

      1. it's been over a year since i have been there, so i have to take your word for it.

        1. Oh you are sooooo lucky, Savannah iis great!.

          1. Crab Shack, only go if you are trying to get the inlaws to go back to Philly early!!!
            Best Seafood in Savannah hands down is A.J's on Tybee.