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Feb 1, 2007 05:53 PM

Leftover ceviche.... ok tomorrow?

I made a fish ceviche tonight, with tuna and tilapia. I've got leftovers. Will it still be OK tomorrow? Tomorrow evening? What do you think?

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  1. Yes! and yes! But no longer, not because of spoilage but because of breaking down the fish texture a bit.

    Hmmm..tilapia...ceviche...? Never crossed my mind. Am going to give it a try next we catch some.

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      1. re: River Rat

        The only readily available fishing outside of Cali, Colombia, is in large commercial ponds. It is sport fishing: sometines you come away with nothing and people with the wrong set up usually catch very little. Pay by weight of catch, with red and black tilapia and cachama (of Amazon origin) the most common species.

        1. re: River Rat

          The lake in my Florida back yard is teeming with tilapia. I prefer to watch the herons choke them down and the ospreys snatch them on the wing than catch them myself. And I like a firmer flesh for ceviche. Maybe Sam's are firmer in Colombia, where I expect the fish work a little harder for a living.
          I concur with Sam regarding ceviche leftovers: day 2 is still yummy, day 3 is just food.
          Also, rat, your other thread about altitude cooking? My Colorado mountain house was 9000 feet and it took easily an hour to get a charcoal fire started. 20% less air makes a huge difference!