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Feb 1, 2007 05:39 PM

Good, cheap dinner near the Getty.

My boyfriend and I are going to a concert tomorrow night at the Getty and wanted to grab some food near by. Something in the cheap to moderate range would be best. We're open to any type of food. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. stop in Westwood before heading to the Getty. We like the paninis at Corner Bakery. And there have been several posts about Westwood in the last few days, with lots of places mentioned. Save room for an ice cream sandwich at Diddy Reese!

    1. i vote for going to westwood and having a persian dinner at shamshiri.

      1. The Italian place up in the Glen is pretty decent and moderately priced.

        Divino in Barrington Place.

        Pizzicotto on San Vicente ain't that far...

          1. If you get on San Vicente in BW, you may want to consider Gaucho Grill. It's next to Pizzicotto (which is a great recommendation, btw).