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Feb 1, 2007 05:32 PM

romantic dinner next sat

hi all,
my partner and i are celebrating our 7 yr. anniversary next weekend. somewhow, 2/10 snuck up on us and we havent booked a reservation anywhere and dont want to travel/leave town.
im looking for any ideas on a very hearty, satisfying, romantic dinner for 2 (where reservations wont be an issue).
any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. try bouley. they usually have open seats available. took my fiance to a fantastic meal there for her birthday. the review is on chowhound somewhere. congratulations.

    1. BLUE HILL!! i took my SO there for our 3 years together back in november and we are still talking about the experience. Nice mellow and romantic vibe and the food is outstanding.

      1. By "hearty" and "satisfying," do you mean generous portions of comfort foods? If so, I would definitely not describe the food at Blue Hill that way. (I've not been to Bouley but I'm guessing the same would hold true there.)

        My suggestion would be L'Impero. The modern Italian cuisine served there is first-rate. Portions are more than adequate, and there are many hearty dishes on the menu. The seriously delicious mushrooms and polenta are not to be missed! And the capretto is not too shabby either. The dining room has lovely ambiance and a romantic feel.

        When we're looking for hearty cuisine, we often head to a French bistro. One of our favorites is La Petite Auberge, where the food is always well-prepared. The interior space, which has the look of a country inn in Brittany, is charming, and the noise level never gets very high even when the place is full. If you go, be sure to order one of their outstanding souffles for two. Chocolate or Grand Marnier (our favorite). It should be ordered at the beginning of the meal.

        Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!