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Feb 1, 2007 05:22 PM

Seattle dinners near Fairmont Hotel

My husband and I will be in Seattle for 6 days for a conference at the beginning of March. We'll be staying at the Fairmont Hotel, and we won't have a car. What places would you recommend for dinner that are close by? We like all types of food, and price isn't much of an issue.


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  1. Is there a particular type of place you're looking for?

    Union at 1st and Union (4 blocks) is a local favorite.

    I really like Shuckers for fish and Oysters ($$$$) and it's in the hotel.

    Definitely have a breakfast pastry at Belle Epicurian, also in the hotel.

    The market is within walking distance so Matt's, Campagne or the more casual Cafe Campagne are good. Pike Brewing in the market has changed owners and been remodeled so it's back among my favorite breweries/quick inexpensive places.

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      Kevin, Matt's is closed until March for rennovation. I second your recommendation for Shuckers (it's a great time of year for Oysters). It's a short, inexpensive cab ride to Harvest Vine (Madison Park) and the International District. (Tamarind Tree or Seven Stars.) Mussels at Maximillien's At The Market should be on every visitor's short list.

    2. I love Tulio at Hotel Vintage Park, if you go there don't miss the sweet potato gnocci. In general, all you have in the immediate area is hotel restaurants and steak houses. You will have access to the hotels chauffer who can take you to Belltown (Zoe, Marco's Supperclub, Marjorie, Tavolata, Shiro's), or to Capitol Hill (Dinette, 1200 Bistro, 22 Doors, Kingfish, Lark, Coco la ti da). These are all better choices than what's near the hotel. The driver will even pick you up after dinner. It's a complimentary service at the hotel but you'll probably need to plan ahead.