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Feb 1, 2007 05:19 PM

Seattle lunches near Convention Center

My husband and I will be in Seattle for 6 days for a conference at the beginning of March. We're looking for some lunch places within close walking distance to the Convention Center. I've searched this boards and come up with Baguette Box and Bambuza.

Any other places we should check out?


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  1. Try Matt's in the Market, a bit longer of a walk, but well worth it. Plus, you'll be in the Pike Place Market which is its own destination anyway.

    1. When I used to work in downtown, I loved going to Gretchen's cafe at Benaroya hall for the turkey dip sandwich. The jus is just great.

      1. There's a recent posting - last entry 12/14/06 - titled Seattle Convention Center quick eats for under $10, which has some VERY goodlooking suggestions.

        1. Oh, man, I guess I could have read your post - you got that one. Well, you're in the neighborhood of the International District - I know you asked for walking distance, but if you're athletic, or want some decent Chinese, House of Hong does a satisfactory dim sum 7 days a week. I think it's 7th and Jackson.

          1. Matt's is great, but closed till March for expansion.

            Five blocks north of the Convention Center, on 7th & Westlake, is FareStart, a nonprofit restaurant that trains homeless people to become cooks. The food is very good and your meal provides both funds and a training opportunity for FareStart's students. It's open M-F for lunch as well as Thursday evenings for Guest Chef Night.