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Feb 1, 2007 04:51 PM

Which one gets your vote-Brunch at The Breakers or Dinner at Four Seasons in Palm Beach???

Want to do something special for my Uncles 80th B-day now while he's here in Fl. Will be celebrating up North with rest of family/friends during the early summer when he gets back home. I know Brunch and Dinner are completely different but its more about being together and celebrating a very special day. I know this means more to my Uncle then the food or place itself although we do eat at alot of trendy and fine dining places while he and my aunt are here. I know he has not been to either of these 2 places. Which gets your vote for a fun and memorable time and are both of these places still tops for food?? TIA

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  1. I would go with brunch at The Breakers. It's amazing! Caviar, oysters, mimosas, no better way to start your day. The Four Season's has great food as well, but the whole Breakers experience outshines the Four Seasons. Enjoy...

    1. I would choose dinner at the Four Seasons. While the brunch offerings at the Breakers are awesome, it is a buffet. Dinner at the Four Seasons is in a lovely room, the tables are spaced far enough apart for private conversation. The piano music is a nice accompaniment without being intrusive. (in fact, when you book your table they ask if it is for a special occasion and if you tell them it's for your uncle's birthday, when they serve dessert, the pianist seques into a muted version of Happy Birthday). The service is terrific; yet not stuffy, and the ever-changing menu always delicious. Neither of these two places are what I think of as "fun" place; but both will be memorable. Either one you choose, enjoy, and happy b-day to your uncle.

      1. They are pretty different in their styles and it also depends on your uncle's tastes, of course. That said, I've done both for my 77 year old mom, and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the Breakers more. The fact that it was a buffet made it a teeny bit less formal, which was good for her I think.

        1. Thanks everyone. The Sunday Brunch at the Breakers it is! I think it was the whole Breakers experience that sealed it for me plus I know my Aunt and Uncle will just be in amazement when they see this spectacular array of food. I'm sure its like no other buffet theyv'e been to! They also have a raw bar which I know both of them will like. The room and view are also suppose to be spectacular not to mention the hotel itself. I can just see my Uncle trying to describe this all to his friends the next day. Plus, after we eat will have plenty of time to walk around which I'm sure we'll all need and we can even go shopping while were there which we all like to do. I think it will be a special day that my Uncle will enjoy. As far as the Four Seasons, its a definate stop for me and the husband. We'll probaly go during the summer and spend the week-end up there when the hotel rates go down. But for now, thanks again for all your feedback and experiences. It definatey was helpful.

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            When you and hubby do your weekend at the 4 Seasons, breakfast at John G's right around the corner at the Lake Worth pier (walking distance) should also be on your agenda. Enjoy both the Breakers and the Four Seasons.

          2. If you plan on Brunch try Sundy House in Delray.
            The gardens are delightful, the service is good and they have a good selection .The free flowing mimosas and champagne helps also.
            If the weather permits ask for an outside patio table overlooking the gardens
            It's definitely a very nice setting!