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Feb 1, 2007 04:50 PM

glatt kosher in DC or Rockville?

an anyone recommend a really tasty glatt kosher joint in DC, Bethesda or Rockville?
the only place I know is Eli's in Dupont.


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  1. I'm not Jewish and I'm not sure if it's glatt but there's a place in the row of shops off Boiling Brook, near Katz's Grocery, which is pretty strict. How tasty it is I couldn't say either. There is also a bakery there and they have great bagels--I know that. The customers seem pretty conservative, based on their choice of wardrobe. Maybe somebody else can chime in with more details.

    IIRC there is also a kosher Chinese place there.

    There's bound to be something in the Kemp Mill area just east of Wheaton. In Wheaton itself there's Max's, but again I don't know if it's glatt.

    1. Definitions of Glatt Kosher on the Web:

      A standard of kashrut that requires an additional degree of stringency in the inspection of the lungs of cattle, to determine whether the lungs are free from adhesions.

      I agree - if Max's is glatt, which I assume it is, there's not a better falafel bar within 50 miles of there! Get a whole falafel with all the toppings and sauces for $6 and you'll be a very happy camper. Then snack on an amazing hamentashen from the kosher bakery next door and you're good to go.

      1. Is there still a kosher board? You might have more luck posting there.

        1. Glatt from my understanding is basically meat kosher as opposed to dairy kosher.
          There was just a review of local kosher places in the Washington Post a few weeks ago.
          If you are looking for a fancy place with good food no dice.
          Max's has schwarma and middle eatern specialities as well as "American cuisine" all koshr
          Royal Dragon is kosher Chinese
          And the only other place was the red heifer (this place closed down)
          Every other place I know about is dairy
          Wegmans has a deli section but it opens on Saturdays (so depending on your level of kashruit that may be out)

          1. Royal Dragon and Moti's Grill inside the Kosher Mart near the Royal Dragon are both excellent - Max's is also a good choice their schwarma is top notch -

            For additional suggextions you might post this on or search the Kosher board on chowhound - you can also check out and search the DC metro area for restaurants