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Feb 1, 2007 04:20 PM

"Reading List" not so useful

The "Reading List" display isn't so useful as it lists topics with new posts whether or not the people you're tracking have posted anything new, or which of the people you're tracking posted to a particular topic.

To see new posts, it's currently more efficient to go to the Activity page of the person you're tracking.

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  1. Good point. We'll tweak this soon so that it only bumps threads when people you're reading post to them.

    1. I'm irritated by Reading Lists.

      I use the site for several different purposes, on different days,,,,,,,,,
      - To track what's happening in my city
      - To track a few other boards whose subjectmatter interests me
      - To plan trips using other local boards
      - To track a few people I find particularly smart or interesting
      - And a few people who I like who post rarely on my local board

      So seeing all my tracked people jumbled up together, as though they served the same purpose for me, doesn't help me.

      Just my two cents. Activity page works for me fine though.