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Buying "Hav A Chip"

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do you know where i can buy this chip in bulk? am having a big party and want this chip. it is hands down the best tortilla chip out there. is my only option buying twenty bags from whole foods? does anyone know if they have a website?


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  1. Mother's Market has them.

    1. Marina Farms has them, but not in bulk. However, I would hazard to guess that Marina Farms has a better price than Whole Foods.

      1. I've never seen them in bulk - you might contact the company in Laguna. I agree, they are the best tortilla chips in the world!!!

        1. I'm pretty sure the contact information is on the bag. I love Have'A Chips too, but have always held back from serving them at parties due to the price. If you do find a place to get them in bulk, please let us know about it!

          1. This isn't much help, but Bristol Farms has them, and if you have an Entertainment Guide, you can get $5 off your $25 order (the book has 12 $5 off coupons, one for every month of the year.) That's the one thing I get from Bristol Farms the most often!

            I think that the chips at Don Antonio's are just as good. I wonder if it's more economical to buy from there?

              1. Love new tortilla chips -- gonna buy some "Hav a Chip" at Whole Foods today.

                My favorite tortilla chips are Casa Sanchez -- Thick -- also sold at Whole Foods. They are made by a small San Francisco family company and have been for the past 70+ years. I always heat them up for 20-30 seconds in my toaster oven on some aluminum foil before eating them. Not quite as good as fresh chips and salsa from a Mission taqueria, but pretty damn close. DELICIOUS.