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looking for linguica

been trying to get some liguica (portuguese sausage) to either take home or with a meal, anyone know of a good place in west LA, love it on pizza and with eggs..

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  1. Ralph's Markets generally carry linguica. I have purchased it at the one in Studio City. I also frequently order from a place in San Luis Obispo County called "Ray's Own Brand". Really good and shippped conveniently. www.raysownbrand.com

    1. Huntington Meats and Sausage, a stall at the Original Farmers' Market next to the Grove, carries it.

      1. Marukai (West Covina, Torrance) also has versions that are made in Hawaii. At least I know they have Redondo's brand.

        1. You can sometimes find it at Jons.There is a pretty heavy Portugese community in the Artesia area. I remember tons of bakeries and markets there.

          1. It's called linguiƧa (soft c) in Portuguese, but sorry I don't know where to find it.

            1. Seen several brands at Seafood City (market) at Eagle Rock Mall ground floor. Ooooops--not in WLA.

              1. If you're looking for the kind that is eaten in the Islands, go to Marukai - but you will need a membership card, or go with someone who has one. The last time I went, they had at least four different brands in the refrigerated section alone, and more in the freezer section. You can stash away lots of it...

                Also, I think there's a relatively Portugese bakery in Sherman Oaks - I believe J. Gold did a write-up within the past few monthes. I believe they also serve some food, and I wouldn't be surprised if they also sold linguica - can't remember the name though. Someone recently posted a question asking where to find good Portugese food - the bakery was mentioned.

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                  The Portugese bakery in Sherman Oaks is:

                  Natas Pastries
                  13317 Ventura Blvd
                  Sherman Oaks
                  (818) 788-8050

                2. I am pretty sure that I saw it at Surfa's last weekend.

                  1. The places I have found it in WLA [Sorrento's, Bob's Market] have it fresh and not smoked. Though I have not tried any of the places mentioned here. When I want true stuff, I send back to a couple of places in New Bedford and Fall River MA but the price is exorbitant. I have started to in some cases to substitute the Linguca with Chorizo for My Stuffed Quahogs but that maybe my accepting the limitations of where I live.

                    Take Care

                    - P.

                    1. The best I've ever had is made by Neto's Sausage Co. They're in Santa Clara but you can order online @ netosausage.com