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Feb 1, 2007 04:04 PM

La Cabanita - Montrose - What to get?

Going there tomorrow night. Let me know the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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  1. The good: enchiladas en mole; anything with rajas; anything with their picadillo, especially the chiles rellenos; chiles en nogada if they have them that day; caldo de pollo.

    The bad: occasionally the chips aren't fried in hot enough oil and they get soggy and greasy as all hell. Do not accept inferior chips! Send them back.

    The ugly: the fights for tables sometimes. Throw those elbows!!

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      1. Rajas con crema w/ warm tortillas

        1. As long as you are happy with food only a little above the quality of chain Mexican places you'll be ok.

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          1. re: Cantona

            You must be thinking of a different place -- the place I'm talking about is miles ahead of any of the chain places. El Torito isn't worthy to clean the boots of the patrons of La Cabanita.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              I have said it before, and I 'll say it again. I have been dragged to this restaurant by many, and have ALWAYS left completely underwhelmed. I even live close and would rather go to El Charro up the street for some regular old 'everything covered in enchilada sauce' type mexican food and better drinks

              1. re: joea

                I'm not a particular fan, either, but I will be going next week with some friends who will love it. Although they are better than the chains.

                1. re: joea

                  An interesting and unpopular observation. Which I share. We have been going to this place since they were on Foothill in La Canada. At first it was a revelation - we went every week for months on end. After they moved to Verdugo Road (years ago) things began deteriorating. Indifferent service, soggy chips, lukewarm food; the freshness and zing sagged. Have sworn the place off for the past two years. Maybe they were previously so good that they suffer by comparison to their own past performance. Margaritas were, however, the best in the area.

                  1. re: Griller141

                    I have to agree with this sentiment. Never been all that enamored with La Cabinita.

                    Best part about my last visit was seeing Kathy Vara (from Channel 7 Eyewitness News) ...

            2. If it's a cold night, get the caldo de pollo....sure, it sounds basic, but it's good comfort food. To me, it tastes like a Mexican mother made it for me.

              The Chicken A La Cabanita is a pepper stuffed with ground chicken with nuts and raisins...good stuff...

              ...and an enchilada in mole.

              There's my typical meal there: a small Caldo with a enchilada in brown mole and a Cabanita stuffed pepper a la carte on the side. Three different tastes. Don't forget sangria, which is impossible to pour out of those carafes without getting ice cubes everywhere...