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Feb 1, 2007 03:59 PM

Escape from Kidsworld Missisauga ! help

Dear Chowhounders,

Please find enclosed a desperate plea. This saturday, due to a painful and gut-wrenching compromise we will be shuttling oldest daughter to a birthday party at a place called kidsworld in missisagua. Somewhere near the airport according to googlemaps. If there is any upside to this at all, it may lie in the faint hope clause.....he said hopefully "perhaps we could find some great indian nearby" ......met with sceptical looks from the significant other....having done a quick googlemaps - appears my choices are limited to MAMA MIAs bad italian, Tims and some other donut places...errr bit of a fix appreciated. is todays chow challenge. What foodie gems are within striking (aka cab distance) of Kidsworld Missisauga (aka middle of nowhere near the airport)..err and INDIAN would be great but hey...when escaping from kidsworld...we'd be up for anything apart from tims and crappy italian. Googlemaps to the rescue.

any ...and i mean ANY help very much appreciated.

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  1. Here's a long thread about food near the airport. Kwality Sweets seems to be the closest Indian.

    Good luck!

    1. Kwality Sweets is on Steeles near Torbram and it's no hardship. Samosas alone are worth the trip.

        1. re: j6p

          After Hashimoto lunch , we passed Mr. Steer (?) and I had the urge to stop for a real meal. I was talked out of it, but subsequently stopped in and regretted it. Good for truckers from the Maritimes. Incidentally, the cheap advertised prices are a tease, the window of opportunity is very small. It is quite expensive , particulaly for self serve. The place is a gold mine.

          As for Hashimoto, my Japanese friends tell me that his stuff is boring and he doesn't give you enough to eat. To my Polish tastes, his stuff is interesting enough, but I did think that he makes one carrot last all week, and see above.

          When you have an opportunity, try Konichiwa (Japanese)on Baldwin, which before the summer kitchen renovations had been a complete delight, and consistent too, and should be superb again now.

        2. Saravana Bhavan (veg) (Hurontario/Eglinton)
          Tabaq (Shepard, near Hurontario and Dundas)
          Sweet India (Airport Rd, in the International Center)
          Shahi Nan (sic) Kabob (Eglinton just W. of Dixie)

          Also, haven't tried this one myself, but I've seen and heard a lot of positive reviews of the Tandoori Chicken and the Seekh Kebob Pizzas (!) at Shahi Pizza (next door to Shahi Nan Kabob). Here's one review:

          A little farther afield but within a reasonable cab ride, there's lots of of good Indian and Pakistani in Brampton.