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Feb 1, 2007 03:44 PM

Whole Foods--Prepared foods section

I've never seen any postings on this, but what do you all think of Whole Foods' prepared foods? I usually go to the one on Cambridge St. in Beacon Hill, but have never tried any of the prepared foods. I'm talking about the section where they have the buffet thing and then the counter area where you can get stuff and then eat it at the cafe area of the store. Just curious if it's any good or just blah.

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  1. Actually, the Cambridge St. store is one of the better ones; they vary wildly. It really does depend on the "team" in that particular stores, because they use a lot of the same recipes. Since the Charles crcle store does a lot of its business in take-out, the prep foods team there is really good. i actually got some fried clams there during the summer that had just come out, and were excellent! The chef was trilled when I told him..Really, i swooned. Their pizza is way overpriced...

    The best WF prepared foods I've had, on a reliable basis, were at the store in Unoivesity heights in Providence, and the Newtonville store has the best sushi bar...

    1. The Cambridge stores are blah....... Everything pretty bland and certainly overpriced.

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        I haven't been in a while, but I remember the Alewife WF being much better than the rest of the cambridge stores.

      2. It is VERY hit or miss and even the hits are so overpriced. I find that they usually do the Indian inspired dishes pretty well. Otherwise I find much of their prepared food extremely bland and not particularly well cooked. There are just too many other options.

        1. i like their grain salads, very interesting combinations.

          however, they fail when it comes to falafel. dry and hard as rocks--and not very flavorful either.

          1. Haven't tried much but I am a fan of the broccoli slaw. Have tried to make it myself but prefer WF's. A little pricey.