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Feb 1, 2007 03:35 PM

Long Island Wineries

We're heading up there this weekend - anyone have any favorites that they go back to again & again?

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  1. I am a fan of Pugliese. I love their white port.... Pindar is the best known on the North Fork and is ALWAYS packed in the summer (not sure about this time of year). Not a huge fan of their wines but it's worth a stop.

    1. For wines, Lieb. The tasting room is one of the least enticing but we think the wines are superior to most. It's been a couple of years and I can't recall which wines were their best but there were quite a few that were very good. Also, if you like Eisweins they had a really nice one. They are right on Sound Ave/Route 48. They are east past the Mattituck Harbes Farm.

      Also worth a stop on Sound Ave: west of Lieb is Briermere Farms for pies - really, really great.

      East of Lieb is a Catapano Dairy Farm - stop and buy their goat cheese - fresh, tangy, smooth - very delicious. Eek, never mind. Just checked the site and their closed until spring. Next time you go...

      Martha Clara has a nice tasting room but the wines... eh.

      In the summer Osprey Dominion is great. They have a huge outdoor area with live music. You can picnic, hang out. We usually buy one of their bottles when we go as a courtesy but we bring what we really want to drink. Since it's all about the outdoor scene, I wouldn't bother this time of year.

      Not a fan of Pindars wines. They are really just, for some reason, the best known.

      I agree with L W that Pugliese is worth a stop.

      If you can, drive all the way to Greenport, take in some of the galleries and antique shops and have dinner at the Frisky Oyster. Usually need reservations there but not sure at this time of year.

      Have a great time. Love the North Fork and don't get there as much as we used to. I miss it.

      1. We like Palmer. Their wine is good and the tasting room is a great place to take a picnic lunch and buy a glass or bottle of wine and enjoy. The folks that run the place are cordial. Don't forget to ask them about when the wine yard sale is.

        Note that they charge for the sampling, but we like the place just to drink their wine, even though we pay for it.

        Other places nice for picnics, indoor or outdoor is Martha Clara and Raphael.


        1. Martha Clara is our favorite. Since we live out here, we don't go by ourselves that often, but when showing guests around, they have so many interesting things to see and do besides the wine, which we happen to like a lot. There are both a French and a German winemaster (I hope that's what they're called?) so there are many different types of wines. They also have goats, oxen, llamas, peacocks, thoroughbred horses and also work horses that pull wagons on a tour of the farm and vineyard in the summer (this is a must for our visitors): always something going on like a cooking demo by local chefs, pig roast or Grateful Greyhounds meeting, a really cool art gallery (some kind of travelling Beatles show was there all summer)..what I'm saying is there's alot to do beside the wine tasting, if that appeals to you. Bonus is that it's owned by the Entenmann family, whom my husband worked for many years ago and has a soft spot for.
          Also we really like Roanoke Vineyards, right past Roanoke Ave (drive south first to check out the buffalo herd), they're connected with Wolffer and have excellent wines. PS There's a new winery opening in Baiting Hollow just east of Edwards Ave, don't know the story but will report as soon as they open.

          1. Lieb, Lenz and Bedell have the best wines IMO. Being a friend of the Channings and Entenmanns, I will give Channing Daughters and Martha Clara wineries a shout out too. Their wines are very good as well.

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              I would agree about Lenz. I worked as a bartender on the North Fork for two years and took tours of most of the wineries, though I would stress that this does not make me an expert, as I am not an agressive oenephile. I would say that Lenz seemed the most real of the bunch, and by that I mean it seemed they seem to focus more on wine and less on the bells and whistles of attracting tour buses racing up and down the Main Road. I like their Gewurztraminer a lot.