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Feb 1, 2007 03:34 PM

Le Bernardin - any recs?

Going to Le Barnardin for the first time - for my birthday! Anything good to look out for?

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  1. Call them up 24 hrs in advance and order the snapper for 2.

    I am torn between the fluke and the foie/tuna for my favorite app.

    Dessert is not their strong suit. I have found the fruit choices to be the best ones.


    1. The Fluke tasting appetizer is the way to go. I usually just order the chef tasting course vs the 3 course pre-fixe deal and let them decide for me...with the special request of including the fluke tasting as one of the 5 courses.

      1. i've done the flight o' fluke and the snapper in salt plus lots more, it's all good. an unexpected "find" at lb is the tiny bar. i get a kick out of waiting for my dinner companion there, drinking an expertly prepared martini and snacking on the marinated seafood. best barfood in town and it's gratis!

          1. Deeq, can you report back? I'm going there for my bday this month, also for the first time. Happy bday to you!

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              Well, I went last night. Service was excellent, if not a bit overzealous in the beginning. There was a bit of a miscommunication when the waiter told me the restaurant did not serve seltzer, which I thought was odd--but okay! Later the sommelier came over and said the waiter had misunderstood. I ordered the prix fixe and had the salmon, the pork belly calamari, the surf & turf, and, for dessert, the sweet potato. The dishes were lovely to look at and the salmon was divine. Everything was good, althought it wasn't until dessert that I felt full. It was the typical big plate/small portion style of dining. The most pleasant part of the evening for me was how warm and engaging the room was and how utterly comfortable and cozy I felt.